Thanksgiving Interview

I talked to my Dad about his childhood and joining the marines.

Susannah interviewed by Mabry

Aunt of Mabry,Susannah is a wonderful aunt and she has lots of stories to tell.

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

This interview is private.

Getting to know Luke Shah

We talked about some memories he had and about school.


Broke again this is the last one number 4

Final Project

we talked about our family and what her childhood was like as well as her family.

Grandpa Volz and his involvement in the Vietnam War

The inside story to how an ordinary young man gets drafted into the Vietnam War. He shares his experiences in the Vietnam War along with childhood memories.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My father talks about his life growing up in Vietnam and transitioning to life in the United States

Riding on the Tandem with Grandma

Tyler days that his best childhood memory is riding on the tandem with Grandma and getting McDonald’s pancake platter.

The life of a Roomie

Roommates could be a hit or miss... Finding one could be a trying experience but I got lucky and ended up with a guy from Woodbine, Maryland named Mitch. He loves science, the Maryland flag, and heavy metal music. It...

Bills Interview

We mainly talked about hills childhood and his life.

A Conversation with Mom

This interview talked about mostly my mom and her upcoming.


A little fooling around with a nine year old.

Chris Thanksgiving

Chris talks about his childhood

Family Interview

This interview was with my mom about growing up and life choices that she made.


Ralph and I talk about some of his childhood and difficult moments

Michael Ray Screws

In this interview, my grandfather, Michael Screws, discusses his experiences throughout his life as the son on a principal, a plant manager, and as a family man.

Quarter Two Project

My cousin and I talked about her teenage years,and her childhood.