Lauren Pasipanki Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my father, James. I decided to interview him because I was always interested in what his life was like growing up. In the interview, he shared with me where he grew up, his favorite childhood memories, and what...

Interrogating my Dad about his Childhood

Talking to my dad about his childhood, through high school, and his fatherhood.

Back in the old days

We talked about her childhood and what she did .

My Great Thanksgiving Listen With My Mom

My mom and i talking about my future and her childhood

Thanksgiving Interview

I talked to my Dad about his childhood and joining the marines.

A much needed sit down with my grandpa.

Getting to know my grandpas early life and his plans for the future.

Susannah interviewed by Mabry

Aunt of Mabry,Susannah is a wonderful aunt and she has lots of stories to tell.

Country to Country

In this interview conducted by Eugene Kim (14) on December 1st 2019, Eugene interviews his mother, Hoyeon Kim. They discuss about her childhood in Korea and the important people in her life. They talk about culture and traditions and her...

Don't Be Afraid, It Gets Better. #mwsueng100
February 17, 2020 App Interview

I am interviewing my husband about an abusive childhood and being homeless as a young adult.

Grandma Beagle

We talked about our history and some of her memories or her childhood.

Stacey Woolbert

Today I talked with my mother a little about her childhood and family and the role this has played in our life together.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I am interviewing my grandmother, Mimi, about her life.

Interview with my dad!!

This is an interview talking to my dad about his inspirations, happiest memories, and childhood.

Interview with my Mother
November 26, 2018 App Interview

( mom didn't want a picture ) Me and my mom discuss mainly about childhood and how it was like for her while growing up. She gives me some advice on some things and describes her wishes for my own...


In this interview I we talked about my dads life growing up and the influences in it. Also what made him who he is today!

Benton Barnes Interview

In the interview we talked about many different. Some examples would be childhood experiences, role models with our lives, and life lessons.

Nate Larson interviews his grandpa about his life

In this interview, Nate Larson(15) interviews Don Larson(80), his grandfather about his life. Don covers childhood memories and how life was like when he was a kid. Also, he talks about his success as a business owner and the historical...