Brannon Westover and Alauna Westover

Brannon Westover (18) talks with his Mother, Alauna Westover about her parents and how they have influenced her throughout her life.

Robert Resnick and Audrey Resnick

Bob Resnick (87) talked with his daughter-in-law Audrey Resnick (61) about his childhood memories in Los Angeles, his courtship and marriage to Renee, and his experiences in the Navy Reserve, stationed in Hawaii (while Hawaii was still a territory).

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Over the weekend, I asked my family members a couple questions in order to get to know them better. I am grateful to have them in my life and I’m glad I had the chance to learn more about their...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The words of a son of a Vietnam Veteran.

Interviewing my Nana!

I asked her about her relationship with her husband and how long they have been together. I asked her if she had any nicknames and how she got them. I asked her what she was most thankful for this year....

Crafting with my grandpa

A thanksgiving chat with my grandpa about his life growing up on farms in rural New York to living in suburban Rochester, NY.

Thanksgiving 2021

Ed interviews his two sisters about some of their best memories

Giving Thanks

The interview was mainly about how my mother grew up and how she got situated in the US

US History Final Gavin Bartolini

This interview touched up on some of the hardships the interviewee has faced

Interview for PSY 230

I spoke with my grandma about her life and the different accomplishments and things she is grateful for, as well as lessons she has learned throughout her life.

car-talk with my beautiful mom!

A little conversation with my mom, learning more about her childhood, marriage, faith and how parenting has changed her life.

Quick Chat with Paul

Paul Matula describes what his life was like before having a family and his career. He says how his life has changed since he was a child.

Margaryta and Oleg)

Today Oleg 24 years old and Margarita 25 are present at the interview. The essence of the conversation is the difference between when you need to get married and whether it is necessary.

Jayalakshmi Ranganathan and Twara Sandeep(with Uma Ranganathan and Tulasi Ranganathan as intermediaries)

Twara Sandeep(16) talks with her grandmother Jayalakshmi Ranganathan(73) and asks her questions about her life, with her mom Uma Ranganathan(38) and aunt Tulasi Ranganathan(30) as intermediaries and to join in the conversation as they see fit.