This interview talks about Mimi’s life from her childhood until the present.

interview w dad
December 13, 2019 App Interview

me and my dad talked about stuff, mostly about our family and his childhood

Interview with Juji

We talked about my mom growing up and about how she met my grandfather.

Interview with Tessie Evonne Brummell and Taylor Fletcher

Taylor Fletcher 29 speaks with his Grandmother Tessie Evonne Brummell 87 about growing up in Kansas City, Kansas in the 1930s and 1940s. She relates stories from the war, segregation, and her parents and grandparents.

Conversations with Frank Pomposelli Sr (2 of 3)

Aaron Novy (27) talks with his grandfather-in-law, Frank Pomposelli Sr. (87) about growing up in the Bronx as an Italian American, working at Precision Film Labs in Manhattan, getting drafted into the service for WWII, training to become a United...

What Happened to Yoshi?

Jack Smith’s best friend was kidnapped by the government, and he never saw him again. On January 5, 2020, Ayden Lord interviewed her grandpa, Jack Smith, in Studio City about his best friend Yoshi who was taken to a Japanese...

A Driven Father, striving to be driven like his father

I interview my father Herb Staniszewski (60) about when he first saw me, and about his father

Interviewing Nana

I’m talking with my Nana about how her life was and what were her favorite things about it.

Interview with Grammie Nault

In this interview I asked a series of questions to my grandmother.

Thanksgiving with Aunt Francie, 2019

Park family (Dave, Bill, Beverly, Frances and Connie) memories, working as a seamstress, The Great Depression, Sadie and General Eisenhower, children’s and widow’s needs after a father’s death.

Interview with Grandpa
April 29, 2022 App Interview

Interview with Mark Berkun about his father Naum Berkun serving in World War 2.

Interview with Jack Walker by George Brandon

My great grandfather talks about being a pharmacist after World War Two and his childhood.

Bill Brady with 103-year old Father Pat Brady: how 2 priests from different continents brought my parents together, producing 13 children.

Bill Brady: 2022-04-22 17:51:00. Pat Brady and Keith Gorman both trained for the priesthood with the Columban Fathers in Omaha, Nebraska. Pat had a brother, Jim, back home in Buffalo, NY, and Keith had a sister, Noreen, back in HIS...

Grandpa's Military history

An interview with my grandfather talking about his time in the Air Force just after WWII