The Amazing King

Peter King reflects on his life about his past, his education success, and his personality traits.

Relationships and Situations

This interview it’s with my roommate Gabriella and one of my best friends. We talk about love and relationships and situationships. Along with growth through understanding significant others and working through issues.

UNCA LANG interview Rachel and Katie

We shared with each other a story about an experience that changed the way we think about writing, reading, communication, or education. I recorded it on my computer using Quicktime Player and Katie was over the phone on speaker. We...


This is an interview with my mom discussing the given interview questions.

Mom’s Interview

I interviewed Mom about her college and early professional years.

My Unethical Struggles with anti-Zionism on American University’s Campus, and How I Have Taken an Ethical Stand Against Them.

Millie (19) interviews a friend and fellow CAS LEAD student, Maya (20), about her unethical struggles with anti-Zionism on American University's Campus and her stand against these struggles.

First day of School

Student shares brief story about the first day of school and other moments in life

Louisa Brady and Rachel Anne Brown

Louisa Brady and Rachel Anne Brown are friends and co-workers who met at the International Center in New York City. They had a conversation about their families, what their lives were like growing up, their relationships with their boyfriend/fiance, and...