Shirley Lawton and Lisa Greenwood

This interview is private.

Eunice Mosley Reep

This interview is with my mother on her 90th birthday. It primarily discusses her childhood and memories of high school and the early years with my father, Dan Reep.

Jeff Graham and Dave Hayward

Dave Hayward, 61, interviews Georgia Equality executive director Jeff Graham, 46, about the phase of his career from the early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic until he became the director of the AIDS Survival Project in Atlanta.

Louise Warner and Julie Miccichi

Louise Warner, 72, talks with her daughter, Julie Warner Miccichi, 40, about Louise’s youth as a first generation American, how she met and married her husband, Bob, and lessons learned from parenting four children.

The Story of Her

On November 27, 2022 I interviewed my best friend, Anselma Lopez, who grew up very different than myself in Sonora, Mexico. She is 24-years-old and is such a lovable person who has very intriguing stories. We laugh at our wonderful...

Decades Project Interview

It interviews a person who was alive during the 1990's as he talks about what it was like during that time.

Cattle Kates

Paul Koblik reflects on his first tour in his collage band and the importance of community. Having a background in musical instruments such as drums, Paul and some of his roommates started a band which soon gained popularity. One of...