Sarah Hammash and Kavitha Satya

Sarah Hammash (16) talks with her middle school math and science teacher Mrs. Satya about the ways she keeps in touch with life after losing the most beloved people in her life only a few months before immigrating to the...

Laura Sherman and Joanna Sherman

Joanna Sherman (21) talks with her twin sister, Laura Sherman (21) about what being a twin means and family relationship shifts over college and COVID-19.

An Interview With My Dad

Stephan Franczyk (13) is interviewing his dad, Paul Franczyk (46). This interview will include growing up in the 70s/80s, highschool, going to college, meeting his spouse, and more. I personally recommend you turn up your volume as this may seem...

Eve Shenale life story and experiences on Navajo Reservation

Eve Shenale (41) shares her life story on the Navajo reservation and urban city to her son, Matthew Gould (16). Growing up in the Navajo Nation Reservation and school life in the urban city came with constant moving. In both...

Susan Roberts and Douglas Roberts

Susan Roberts (66) speaks with her husband Douglas Roberts (71) about their serious illnesses, navigating their care and the lessons learned from this experience.

Quarantine interview with Cairo and Luke

Cairo Weaver and Luke Murphy had an interview during the quarantine about life, their favorite memories, and what they plan on doing after the pandemic.

Those sweet or sour memories of our best time

Skylar Shao (19) talks with her friend, Jiayu Chen (19) about their memories of their life as students

Jenny Rask Interviews dad Gene Rask about his life. Growing up with his family.

Jenny Rask: 2020-11-16 00:25:40 Jenny Rask Interviews dad Gene Rask about his life. Growing up with his family. Starting off talking about the 2020 elections and Biden/Harris winning the election, turning the republican dominated senate democratic. He remember the life...

Interviewing My Mom

In this interview, I (16) interviewed my mother, Olena Kirsenko (45). We discussed what her life was like in Ukraine, and then in the United States.

Gary Gupton and Bobby Gupton

Gary Gupton (58) interviews his father, Bobby Gupton (83), about his childhood, and his memories of being raised on a tobacco farm.