Interview with my grandpa

I, 15, interview my grandfather Richard Saunders, a 74 year-old Marines veteran. We discuss his early life, familial relationships, and military service.

Dad interview

Interview of my dad's experience in the military.

Interviewing my grandma

Having a fun time interview my grandma about are family history.

Interview with Poppop (Jack Safirstein)

I learned more about my grandfather, Jack Safirstein’s life. I also learned more about my uncle EJ, who passed when I was very young.

How media helped connect a soldier to his family.

This interview highlights the career of my dad Mike Greene. Mike is a soon to retire Senior Chief Petty Officer EOD Tech in the U.S. Navy. He covers his time in the military, and how media helped him connect to...

Family Interview

This is an overview of my family's background. I learned so much info as I had grandparents on both sides.

Church, childhood, mother and daughter bonding…

me and my mom dive into how her life changed when her grandparents passed away... and how her brother being in the military changed her life

Big Joe, Little Joe

An interview with Joseph A Vigil about his life. Interviewer is his great grandson Joseph A Vigil V.

Hanging With Ms. Andrews

Ms. Andrews talks about her family history and growing up.

Thanksgiving interview with my grandpa

This interview was of my grandfather to learn more about his childhood and life and to share the experiences he's been through.

GTL 2018/CHS Kayajanian

interviewed my grandpa about his childhood and also his experience in the military back in his home country, Guatemala

Grandpa and his “Kissy Face”

This interview is with my grandpa and goes over his favorite memories from his childhood, how he met my grandma, favorite memories with me, and his life in the military.

Dad and me

My dads life and how it has cahnged throughout the years. Also how being in diffrent stages in life has taught him lessons.

Homecoming Humility

In this interview, 15 year-old Quinn Frankel Interviews her dad, Andrew Frankel, the son of the most terrifying parent in Highland Park, Chicago. He questions him about a humiliating instance taking place on the night before homecoming during his 1st...

An interview with one of the first female military dog handlers, my grandmother

We spoke of working in the military as a woman, a life of travel around the world, and of making friends along the way.

Glimpse Into Grandpa’s Life

We discussed my grandpa’s life from his childhood up until present day.