Interview with Dad

We talked about life and hopes; about his work life, relationship with family, and briefly about the loss of Bonnie, his daughter

Give Thanks

My auntie and I talked about the best moments that ever happened to her life. She mentioned that she is thankful with everything that she have because God is with her.

Who impacts your life the most?

In this interview, Pam Cooper discusses what she’s most proud of, and her religious beliefs. She also shares what she wants to be remembered by.

Interview with Myra Blundetto on the Triumphs and Tribulations of Her Life

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Lafayette, NJ, Myra is discussing her memories from her childhood and how her life changed once meeting her husband Carmen. She talks about the struggles of being financially unstable in her childhood,...

Oral History

We spoke about divorce, family life, happy moments, and hard, difficult times.

Last day of 2019 – with my Mom

My mother and I reflected upon life, and she shared some of her greatest memories.

Truthful Sister Stories

In this interview I asked my sister a series of questions and she answered them completely honest and openly.

Interviewing Dad 11/29/17

We discussed his life growing up and the goals that he has for me in the future.

Elijah Belk(13) and Jason Belk(43)

Me and my dad were talking about some of the things that have sharpens him. We also talk about things that made him proud.

Life Event

Childhood circumstances and the decision to take a leap of faith and overcoming what seems to be your destiny.

Theology 111: Hannah Laskey

I talked my good friend and bible study leader Hannah Laskey. This was part of a project focusing on having deeper discussions about faith for Theology 111 at Xavier University.

Diging Deeper into my Grandma’s History

Because of this video I learned a lot more about my grandmas childhood and some of her favorite memories. I also discovered a lot of new things about my grandma!

Let’s talk about Mom!

19-year-old Madison Miller interviews mother about life, family, and fun memories!

Jeannine Widener’s StoryCorps interview with Michelle Nichols at the Elyria, Ohio YWCA.

I interviewed Michelle Nichols and asked her questions about her life experiences. She revealed parts of her life I was not expecting. My advice when conducting a StoryCorps interview with someone you know little about is....... "Everyone has untold stories...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Mr. Sandalo Jackson By: Christina D. Walton

Me and Mr. Sandalo Jackson were able to talk about his family heritage and his values. We also, were able to talk about his love and relationship life with his loving wife Miss. Kathleen Jackson.

what made you who you are

In this interview we talked about what made Colby the person he is today and how he feels about the life that he has created for himself. He added that a higher power allows him to be everything that he...

The story of Michelle

The memoir of Michelle Prestigiacomo: the loose connection of family

Mom and Daughter Conversations

In this interview I am having a casual conversation with my mom about her life and how things have contributed to the kind of person she is today. Also having questions about family and how they have impacted her life....

Betty Hansel discusses her life and how she has journeyed to find meaning.

Grandmother Betty Hansel discusses her life growing up on a farm in rural Virginia before tragically losing her parents and beginning life on her own. She discusses the evolution of her faith in God and the role that Christianity has...

Interview: Grandma’s life story

My grandmother discussed her teenage years, importance of religion in her life, meeting my grandfather, and explain the importance of freedom of thought.