Efrain Chombo, Maria Perez Rosales, and Yuliza Chombo Perez

Efraín Chombo (53) habla con su esposa María Pérez (43) y su hija Yuliza Chombo Pérez (17) sobre cómo se conocieron él y su esposa, su amor por la música y lo que significa ser padre para él. [Efrain Chombo...

Recording – 04-15-2024 19:43:39

here is a interview with my friend that I consider my brother because we been through so much in our lifetime together.

The Life of a College Freshman and Gaining Independence

On September 27th 2023, Jamison Sevilla (19) from New Jersey sat down and interviewed Laine Emanation (18) from New York. Jamison met Laine this year at the Coast Guard Academy and both have lived on the east coast their entire...

Joseph and Gloria Lyons: Christmas Memories

Joe (92) and Gloria (94) Lyons talk about Christmas memories with their daughters, Kathy and Chris. Mom was very nervous and had the giggles; Dad loves the spotlight.

Lindsey Culli and Tyler Miller

Siblings Lindsey Culli (38) and Tyler Miller (34) share a conversation about the passing of their father. They recall their favorite memories of him, and reflect on who he was as a person.