Dennis D. Malcolm and Liam Moon:

Liam Moon age 15 interviews his grandfather on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Topic discussed include growing up in and childhood in Garland and Dallas Texas, hardships, and the most important lessons learned. 2020-08-23 16:37:38

Stacey Rosenberger and Fred Rosenberger

Stacey (45) and Fred Rosenberger (41) remember the difficulties of explaining Stacey’s cancer diagnosis to their daughter, Olivia. Stacey and Fred remembers all the techniques they used to explain Stacey’s illness to Olivia.

Amy Menzel and Hazel Miller

One Small Step partners Amy Menzel (41) and Hazel Miller (67) share a conversation about political figures they've seen, 9/11's impact on their lives, and the lessons they hope (or do not hope) their children learn from them.