Michael Young and Roland M. Young

Roland M. Young (77) talks with his grandson, Michael Young (16) about his childhood and his time in the Marines.

Randy Le and Madeline Wonsala

Randy Le talks briefly with fellow student Madeline Wonsala about his parents and why they're important to him.

Jenny Rask Interviews Father Gene Rask about his life. Going to college and professional school and being in the Air Force.

Jenny Rask: 2020-10-05 01:22:49 Jenny Rask Interviews Father Gene Rask about his life. He and his brothers going to college, professional schools and being in the Air Force. His oldest brother Paul's broadcasting journey and becoming a lawyer after Ray...

Liv Hedstrom and Lexi Surbaugh.

Liv Hedstrom: 2021-01-06 17:18:06. Liv Hedstrom (14) talks with friend, Lexi Surbaugh (13) about life and hardships.

Kerry St. Pé, “I Remember…”: Louisiana Reflections and Stories of the Past
November 30, 2021 App Interview

Executive Director of the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program Kerry St. Pé was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 15, 1950, and he has lived in Southeast Louisiana his entire life. In this interview, he examines the ongoing connection between...

"Just always be humble and be kind."

Sarah Syed (17) talks with her mother Natalie Wachowicz (48) about general knowledge of Natalies life and her future goals. This was very meaningful and i'm excited to show everyone in the future.

Gabriel Shelley-Tremblay and Bill and Cynthia Tremblay.October 4, 2020

Gabriel Shelley-Tremblay (13) interviews his grandparents Bill Tremblay (80) and Cynthia Tremblay (82) about their lives as children and young adults.

Andrea Cuadra and Pablo Cuadra

In this interview I ask my dad, a seeker of adventures, to reflect on his life. He shares stories from growing up in Nicaragua in the 60s, working for the government in the 80s, and starting a business from scratch....

Thomas Angell and Christina Cregg

Christina, 32, interviews her best friend, Thomas, 43, about his childhood in Tennessee; setting the closet on fire; his sister; their relationship as best friends; his Navy experience.

Andrea Smith and Audrey Galex

Two friends Andrea Kay Smith and Audrey Galex (52) who are both active in Atlanta’s inter-faith community speak about Andrea Kay Smith’s religious experience. After having lost faith as a teen, Andrea has been called by GOD three times.