Flying Grandpa

“I had a lot of proud moments, but I had a lot of disappointments too.” The Air Force is about more than just serving your country, and my grandpa Gobel James understands that very well, as he experienced all of...

Peter Marks and Samuel Marks

Father told son about his childhood in New York City and how the city changed and became less safe but why he has always stayed here and always will

Games I played as a child

I stopped to reminisce about the games. Phil played at school and as a boy this is only part one because I had to do it in two parts mostly about marbles yo-yo’s tops things like that.

Charlotte Kellar and Ann Reinhard

Charlotte Kellar (92) talks to her friend, Ann Reinhard (48) about growing up in the Bronx, and getting interested in acting and writing later in her life. Charlotte and Ann also talk about how they met through DOROT’s Friendly Visiting...

Arushay Awan

Interview with Arushay Awan about her journey from Islamabad to Bradley University in Peoria, IL