Thomas Angell and Christina Cregg

Christina, 32, interviews her best friend, Thomas, 43, about his childhood in Tennessee; setting the closet on fire; his sister; their relationship as best friends; his Navy experience.

Lillie Todd and Katherine Mohan

5 of 11 great grandchildren asked their 104 year old great grandmother about her marriage and her political views and retrospective look at life.

Veronica's Victory

Veronica shares her story, from running away from an abusive mother and relying on a cruel man to finding help and working toward a nursing degree.

EJ Schuman and His Mother Pam Schuman Talk About Her Life Story and Experiences

Edward Schuman (16) talks with his mother, Pam Schuman (51) on November 29th, 2021. He asks about her childhood with her parents, growing up, and getting the job she always wanted. Mrs. Schuman shares stories involving her charitable parents and...

Payton Morgan and Stan Smith
September 26, 2022 One Small Step

One Small Step conversation partners Payton Morgan (24) and Stan Smith (65) talk about small government, social programs, paying attention to politics, and having conversations not meant to persuade.

Robin Glassey Answers Questions from the Big 10

Parent/Author and amazing Friend Robin Glassey takes a moment to answer questions from the top ten questions everyone should be asked.

Scott Herzog and Jane Kjelland

One Small Step conversation partners Scott Herzog (64) and Jane Kjelland (76) talk about their political values, shifting beliefs, valuing friendship more than expressing your politics, and how voting independent doesn't work.

Brian Ullman and Mark Oelze

One Small Step conversation partners Brian Ullman (49) and Mark Oelze (63) talk about conservative and liberal values, abortion, and the difference between "Christ" and "church."

Jo Marcus and Mark Harrison

One Small Step conversations partners Jo Marcus [no age given] and Mark Harrison (52) talk about the government's size and involvement, COVID-19 policies, and the role of religion in their lives.

Interview with Mom

On October 23, 2022, I interviewed my Mom, Norah Frei. After completing undergrad school and working for a year, Norah found that her job at an advertising agency was not the right career path for her. After hearing about her...