Molly Peacock and Michael Groden

Poet Molly Peacock (73) talks with her husband, Michael Groden (73), a James Joyce scholar, about their sixty-year love story that was interrupted for twenty years. They talk about ongoing love, Mike's melanoma, the novel Ulysses, and the parallel lives...

November 19, 2020 App Interview

Jordan (interviewer) (F) (14) Radah (F) (12-13)

A talk with my wife about motherhood

Me and my wife sit down and talk about her thought and feelings being a first time mom and how motherhood has affected her so far.

Valerie Myers and Cherie Giannandrea

Valerie Myers (18) talks with her mother Cherie Giannandrea (49) about growing up, divorce, and the impacts of COVID-19 on her life.

Paige Feikert and Kathy Adkins

One Small Step conversation partners Paige Feikert (32) and Kathy Adkins (52) talk about domestic violence, motherhood, the "Value Them Both" amendment, self-love and self-reflection, and religious beliefs.

Racing, Family, Fun, and Integrity-David Gee and Kailey Barrientos

Kailey interviews her father Dave. He is a great story teller and talks of a time when high-schoolers played pranks, and family was similar to a 50s TV show. For Dave, everything led to racing and a legacy of entrepreneurial...

Emily Forest and Nate Davis
September 26, 2022 One Small Step

One Small Step conversation partners Emily Forest (49) and Nate Davis (38) talk about different walks of life, juvenile detention, the influence of faith, and wealth disparities.