Daniel Pincu and Elise Pincu Delfield

Daniel Pincu, 68, by his daughter, Elise Willa Pincu Delfield, 35 about his time in Turkey in the army. He took a picture at a wedding and 43 years later found the couple and gave them the picture.

Cyndi with husband Song's interview

I interview my husband, Song. We loved each other and had a happy life.

Thalia and Angelica Vlahos

Thalia Vlahos (18) discusses life with her mother Angelica Vlahos (47). From family to college to confidence, Angelica reflects on her accomplishments and hopes for the future.

Annie Maclin and Elizabeth Belle

Elizabeth Belle (82) talks with her granddaughter Annie Maclin (19) about her experiences throughout life. They discuss Elizabeth's life as a child, her various relationships, the ups and downs of her marriage, and the importance of family.

Anita Hoffman Makuluni and Dean Makuluni

Anita Hoffman Makuluni (49) and her husband Dean Makuluni (54) talk about Anita’s experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi, their shared experiences as teachers at a secondary school there, and the origins of their relationship.

Mary Ann VanPoelvoorde and Timur Kocak

A woman is interviewed by her son about her family history, including stories of the American frontier and horseback riding, and her relationship with a Turkish man who became his father.