Grandpa’s time

He was born in 1935 and has had many memories from when he was younger

Grandpa and me.

We talked about my great grandfather and about my grandpa's childhood.

The Great Thanksgiving listen

It was great and she talked about many things in witch life happens around her

Nonno in World War II

This interview is about how my grandfathers time in World War II affected how he came to America.

Life interview

This interview is a look in my grandfathers life growing up in a small town.

Interviewing my uncle Ted

He was mostly talking about his childhood and his mother and father

Interview with my great, great Auntie Jane

This interview is about my Aunti Jane’s experience in the Japanese internment camp back in 1942

When the Japanese Came to the Philippines

During World War 2, my grandfather and his family was captured by Japanese soldiers. They did not cause any harm, however, they brought them to a Japanese school.

A Little Piece of History

A grandparent’s penpal in England during WWII and the generations of family that have kept in touch. And a junior high social studies teacher that instilled life lessons like how to take notes, public speaking skills, and to travel the...