Taye lilly Riepma and her amazing grandmother talk about her past

Tayelilly asks her grandmother, Lilly Ekuan, about growing up in Hawaii during World War Two as a Japanese American, what being a labor nurse is, and what her family life is like.

My hero

My hero tony miller is asked some questions about his life and childhood

Jill Sneider and Joan Bryan

Jill Sneider (70) shares a conversation with her mother, Joan Bryan (94), about Joan’s husband, Jill’s father, their life together, their family, and the values that their family lives by.

Christmas 2017 with Papa Weeden

Recording of PaPa Weeden (Frederick Daniel Weeden II) and Dan Weeden (Frederick Daniel Weeden IV) on Christmas Eve 2017

Steven Akins, Dolphus Putman, , , and

1993 interview of Dolphus Lawrence Putman, the son of an Alabama coal miner who was killed in a mining accident in 1927, relating to his growing up as one of 8 children being raised by a single mother during the...

Traveling in the 1970’s-1990’s

Through this interview, I talk with my great aunt about her travels throughout the 1970's-1990's. She discusses some of her trips such as France, Italy, Ireland, and more.

Stacey Rosenberger and Fred Rosenberger

Stacey (45) and Fred Rosenberger (41) remember the difficulties of explaining Stacey’s cancer diagnosis to their daughter, Olivia. Stacey and Fred remembers all the techniques they used to explain Stacey’s illness to Olivia.

Dancing through World War II
January 13, 2020 App Interview

A grandson and grandmother talk about war time in rural Florida.

They call me “Alabama”

My Father, Lt. Col.(Ret.)Harold Howell was a WW2 veteran in the US Navy. This is his story about his experience as a Torpedo specialist on the USS Wilson and the USS Gregory.

World History Interview

I talked to my grandfather about his life and then how much he means to my life.

Elijah Wiseman and Ilse H. (2)

Elijah Wiseman (17) talks with Ilse H. (88) about her life in Hamburg, Germany during the Second World War, living in Westchester as a German immigrant, and her family's experience living here.

Interview with Bob Pernick, Part 2

Bob Pernick talks about his childhood interests, his namesake, and what it was like during World War II.

World War II: the Homefront

This interview was conducted to learn about my grandma’s background in world war 2.