Shirley Lawton and Lisa Greenwood

This interview is private.

Jen, Mia, Kade, and Logan's Interview.

We give the interviews a good shot, asking questions. Based on morals, or what are the favorite games we play?

The Life of Chicken (Part II)

(Short transition before app recording gave out-introduction to Soren's time in college)

College Future

Cole and Catherine, two high school seniors, recount past memories and new plans for the future.

young adulthood during a pandemic

Interview with genesis Lozano (21) interviewed by her sister Betania Lozano (15). Interview is about genesis’s young adulthood in quarantine.

Anna and Mr. Truong

Anna and Mr. Truong have a conversation at the end of her senior year of high school.

interviewing my sister about life

I talk to my sister about us as sisters, her college life and our family

A Chat With Sasha

In this interview we discussed, Sasha’s favorite memories, friendships, and college experience.

Daisy and Momo

Daisy and her dear senior school classmate Momo talked about their senior school life, happy childhood and college life.

Interview with my sister

Short interview with my sister about her own experiences from high school to college.

Interviewing: Oral History Interview

This interview was with my roommate and was an oral history interview over past and present things in her life

Thanksgiving 2018

College shenanigans 1969-1970 in Ann Arbor, MI.