Thomas Angell and Christina Cregg

Christina, 32, interviews her best friend, Thomas, 43, about his childhood in Tennessee; setting the closet on fire; his sister; their relationship as best friends; his Navy experience.

EJ Schuman and His Mother Pam Schuman Talk About Her Life Story and Experiences

Edward Schuman (16) talks with his mother, Pam Schuman (51) on November 29th, 2021. He asks about her childhood with her parents, growing up, and getting the job she always wanted. Mrs. Schuman shares stories involving her charitable parents and...

Robin Glassey Answers Questions from the Big 10

Parent/Author and amazing Friend Robin Glassey takes a moment to answer questions from the top ten questions everyone should be asked.

Jo Marcus and Mark Harrison

One Small Step conversations partners Jo Marcus [no age given] and Mark Harrison (52) talk about the government's size and involvement, COVID-19 policies, and the role of religion in their lives.

PART 3 Gina, Shay, and Rahni: A conversation with a war veteran, a single mother, and her daughters and the effects of Social Injustice.

Gina Howard (44), in part one of a four-part series of a conversation with Shay Ware 25-year-old daughter, and Rahni Patnett, 20-year-old daughter about life before, during, and after the military and how the social injustices have affected our lives...

Storm and Stress, Anxiety and Depression, and the Comparison of Adolescence on Different Time Periods

Amanda Rudzinski (20) interviews her mother (50), a mother of two children who have experienced anxieties in her past. This interview is discussing the repercussions of anxiety and depression in adolescents today and so on.

Victor-Alan Weeks and Brenda Ford

Brenda Ford (51) interviews her conversation partner Victor-Alan Weeks (25) about being a young Black man native of Atlanta, Georgia about how he became a Global Multimedia Specialist and Hemp Farmer.

Rhoda Garcia and Candyce Bennett

Rhoda Justice Garcia (72) talks with her friend Candyce Bennett (68) about childhood memories of growing up during the time of the NASA space program, living at Cocoa Beach, near Patrick's Airforce Base, and Satelite Beach.

Katie and Tony Pedretti at home the evening of Saturday, October 1, 2022

Tony is asking Katie about her favorite Bloody Marys, our recent Mackinaw Island trip and the Fall Color 5k at home the evening of Saturday, October 1, 2022

Carter Dickens and CJ Dukes

Carter Dickens: 2022-11-17 20:00:08 CJ Dukes talks about how he is passionate about basketball and what it was like when he was little.

Anushka Karote and Biju Kalarikkal

One Small Step conversation partners Anushka Karote (37) and Biju Kalarikkal (48) discuss their religious differences and commonalities.