Shirley Lawton and Lisa Greenwood

This interview is private.

Robin [no name given] and Bob Friedman

Robin [no name given] (73) speaks with her friend Bob Friedman (72) about the people who were the kindest to them, their dislike for politics, lying and unfairness, and the current political climate.

Interview with Dana

Maddy Thompson (53) talks asks her friend Dana Doss (54) to share some stories and reflection on life. Dana talks about her favorite childhood memory of doing barrel races on her Shetland pony, life growing up in the south, her...

Ethan Friedman

Ethan Friedman: talking to David Friedman grandfather about what it was like growing up

William McAllister, Lisa McAllister, and Amy Farges

William McAllister was interviewed by his daughters, Lisa McAllister and Amy Farges, as well as his grandson, Julien Farges. They talked about William’s life growing up, the Depression, WWII, William’s return to college after the war, his Masters and PhD,...

"I love you, dad."

A conversation between Faith and Ralph about their father/daughter relationship

Louise Warner and Julie Miccichi

Louise Warner, 72, talks with her daughter, Julie Warner Miccichi, 40, about Louise’s youth as a first generation American, how she met and married her husband, Bob, and lessons learned from parenting four children.