I'm So Proud of Them: Christopher Blake Interviews Tammie Vivlamore

Whether it be in New Jersey or New York, Tammie Vivlamore's life experience has been crazy from the start. In this interview, Tammie opens up about her less-than-stellar childhood, where she ended up in her 20's, and how becoming a...

Susan Creasy and Allison Vogler

One Small Step conversation partners Susan Creasy (59) and Allison Vogler (65) discuss the current political climate, their values, navigating personal conflict, and the meaning of diversity.

Sarrah Ellen McDonald and Sarah Adams

Interview with Sarrah Ellen McDonald on how she began singing and playing music, her involvement in helping found Georgia Pick & Bow Traditional Appalachian Music School, and other aspects of music in Dahlonega. Interviewed by Sarah Adams on April 5,...

Victor Campos and Jessica Gallardo

Victor campos (15) talks to his mom Jessica Gallardo (35) and asks her about her life how it was as a kid

Michael Johnson and Hazel Diaz

United States Military Veterans Michael Johnson (74) and Hazel Diaz (36) discuss Michael's young life and upbringing in Hollywood, California, and his career in the Navy.

Granville Hutton Jr. interview his father Granville Hutton Sr. in 1962.

Granville Sr. describes from his early memory of leaving Kansas as a boy and settling in Eastern Colorado. His family, farming as a boy and family man, the old home place, death of his two younger brothers, hauling grain to...

Carly Wilson and Charolette Groce

Carly Wilson (39) shares a conversation with her grandmother, Charolette Groce (86), about Charolette’s childhood, her family, her children and grandchildren, and some of her favorite memories. Note: In this interview, Charolette misspoke and gave the incorrect date of her...

Adam Fried and Jon Fried

Brothers Adam Fried (58) and Jon Fried (60) parents founded Innisfree Village to provide a community that was in support of Jon's intellectual disabilities. The two discuss the community's history, having been one of its first residents as well as...

Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti and Maraea Quezaire

Maraea Quezaire (23) shares a conversation with her grandmother, Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti (75), about Gwendolyn’s memories of growing up, her family, her work, her art, her travels, and her friendships.

Kenderix Hudson and Michael Johansson

Kenderix Hudson (28) talks to his father and mentor, Michael Johansson (71), about his childhood, his different career paths, and the countries he would like to travel to after the pandemic.

“I just wanted to be happy and have a family of my own”

Emma Lynch(16) interviews her mom, Ella(57) about her childhood and current life. This interview was recorded on Thanksgiving, November 26, 2020 in Ella’s bedroom in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. They talk about religion, moving from the city to the...

Emily and Clara

Emily talks with her friend, also her roommate, Clara, about the fond and hard times in high school. They also talks about their majors and what are their dream jobs together. They all hope they have a bright future.