The College Life

Elle Emanuel explains how she choose Minnesota State University Mankato and what pushed her to get there. Further explaining what she learned/got out of her experience and how it set her up for success in adulthood.

In Interview with a College Professor Who Spends Most of his Summer Saving Turtles in Belize

This interview contains stories from my uncle’s time in Belize as a college professor. He introduces his charity and ways of funding a small community as well the memories he has made with family, friends, villagers, and students as a...

Adam Cico Hampton NH COVID Experiences Interview with Megan Cico

Adam Cico: 2021-06-07 21:52:46 Adam (age 17) talks to his sister Megan (age 23) about their experiences in COVID and compare and contrast how they were both affected by the events happening around them.

Annette’s Interview
December 2, 2021 App Interview

We talked about Annette’s transition into college & what she plans on doing with her degree.

Christa and Clare StoryCorps Interview

Clare and her mom, Christa, discuss the past and future of their lives. Christa describes her life at Boston College, where Clare is also going to attend this Fall. She recalls her fondest and least fondest memories alongside how she...

Tim S- first generation interview
January 24, 2020 App Interview

An interview with Tim, about being a first generation student at Calvin university

Deaborah Gebreyesus and Kyle Scott

Kyle interviews his best friend Deaborah on the concept of socialization.


COMPARING DAILY AND MONTHLY CONTACT LENSESIf you are actually the sort of fella or gal that can't seem to adhere to appropriate connect with lens care (e.g. you've considered using saliva or even tap water to wash all of them),...

How you can Invest in Program Do the job Creating Assistance From Authentic About the net Resources

They may be apprehensive they could be acquiring 1 factor with plagiarism in it. Which is a person on the anxieties that almost all people today have every time they think of acquiring teaching. In the event your author was...

My uncle
February 13, 2018 App Interview

I interviewed my uncle about his early life and career

Aly and I Rooming Together

This interview is to show my gratitude and excitement of rooming with Aly next year at the University of Wisconsin Madison. We talked about what we are excited for next year and all the challenges we are going to face...

With Chris

This is an interview of my best friend Chris and how is he doing in college