Shirley Lawton and Lisa Greenwood

This interview is private.

Thanksgiving 2018

College shenanigans 1969-1970 in Ann Arbor, MI.

Interview with my grandpa

We talked about important life lessons to keep in mind.

William McAllister, Lisa McAllister, and Amy Farges

William McAllister was interviewed by his daughters, Lisa McAllister and Amy Farges, as well as his grandson, Julien Farges. They talked about William’s life growing up, the Depression, WWII, William’s return to college after the war, his Masters and PhD,...

Cali Cousins

We talked about our family and life and photography.

Per-6 StoryCorps interview

We talked about a lot of things but most importantly we talked about how she felt when she moved to a different country and choosing her career path.

"Integrity: Down to the very detail"

I interviewed Christine DeMordaunt (my mom) and she is always been a person I look up to and want to know more about her work experience and about her mom, whom I never got to meet. Christine shares life lessons...