Jackie ONeil History

Grandma memories of growing the Great Depression and WW2. Memories of family

Marcia Broskey and Evelyn Yale

Marcia Broskey (75) and Evelyn Yale (21) talk about the differences of parenting between Marcia's generation and Marcia's children's generation. Marcia talks about what she thinks will be a constant parenting practice with the future generations of parents.

Peacekeeping Movement by "Wisdom Tembo Chilala and Dr. Steve Schaefer".

I interviewed Dr. Steve a Concordia college admission committee member on the most imperative topic of "Peacekeeping". We talked about the organizations that fight for peace and how college students could also get involved in the peacekeeping movement by having...

Interviewing my Grandma

Barbra Killey(77) talks with her grandson, Knox Weggler(13) about her childhood in Illinois and how it was like being a wife and mom to a husband in the Navy.

Interview with Juji

We talked about my mom growing up and about how she met my grandfather.

The great thanksgiving listen – Emory DPT 2021
November 22, 2018 App Interview

In this interview we discussed my grandmothers experiences in life as well as her perspective on various personal topics that have influenced her family and mentality.