Oral History Project

I ask a few questions & she answered them about he family & past.

Thanksgiving Interview

In this interview Paul and I discussed his life from childhood to where he has come now.

Thanksgiving interview

Overall we should be thankful for what we’ve been through good or bad

Thanksgiving Listening

Getting to know a person that I thought already knew was very enlightening. Had some questions I would never think to ask and I found out some things I never knew.

Determination is Key to Success

Kate Canela, a junior at Egg Harbor Township High School, interviews her mother, Lissette Rodriguez about her childhood in Dominican Republic and her biggest influences in life. She recalls having a happy childhood, despite having lost her father at a...

Tell me about yourself

Recording this interview with my grandfather helped me get a better understanding of what life was like I. Older generations and how technology was rarely used

Interview with Aunt Carla

Did a interview with my Aunt Carla during thanksgiving break

Marisela’s Interview

In this interview I ask my mom random questions.

Grandma Judi’s Story

My Grandma Judi and I talked about her childhood. We also talked about how her and my grandpa met.

Sandys Life Through The Years

Most of what was talked about was how much my mom loves my sisters and I.

Interview with dad

I interviewed my dad to get to know him better

Coming to America

Interviewing my mom about her journey to America.

My Family History

This is about the history of my family and how we eventually arrived in the US.

Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my mom's favorite memories and her experience of moving here.

Shankar Reflections

Govind Shankar and I discussed his past, his childhood experiences, and lessons he has learned in his life.

COM110 (Andy)

We talked about my partner’s life and background. We also spoke about how he wants to be remembered and what he’s learned thus far in his life.


This interview was about the person my interviewer chose to be the person she would always remember and why she would always remember them.