Maximus Pit-Og and Sheila Hundley

Sheila Hundley talks with her grandson, Maximus Pit-Og (14), about her past experiences and what lessons she had learned from them.

APB- Interview with my brother, Eduardo Chavez

My brother talks about his current favorites and dislikes of his 4 year old life. He takes us on a journey of his mind.

Lizelle Pereira and Ellie Sager

Lizelle Pereira: 2021-11-06 04:46:39 I interviewed my best friend Ellie (18), we talked about our friendship and the memories we've shared and created.

Johannes and Mathias Rysse

Mathias Rysse (52) talks with his son, Johannes Rysse (15) about his experience immigrating to the United States from Germany and shares how COVID-19 has affected him and his family.

Susan "Sue" Laudeman, “I Remember…”: Louisiana Reflections and Stories of the Past
November 30, 2021 App Interview

Education Curator of the Historic New Orleans Collection, Sue Laudeman (born in 1937), discusses life as a girl in New Orleans and her relationship with the wetlands that surround the urban area. *Disclaimer: This interview was conducted in Coastal Louisiana...

Kerry St. Pé, “I Remember…”: Louisiana Reflections and Stories of the Past
November 30, 2021 App Interview

Executive Director of the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program Kerry St. Pé was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 15, 1950, and he has lived in Southeast Louisiana his entire life. In this interview, he examines the ongoing connection between...

History interview: TJ, COVID-19

TJ (18, Freshman in College) talks about his experience with COVID-19 pandemic and the effects during his HS year.

Brenda Barnes and Samantha Barnes discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Samantha Barnes (19) talks with her mother Brenda (54) about how her neighborhood collectively achieved the carbon neutrality goal for 2030. She reflects on their efforts towards solar implementation, governmental outreach, and waste reduction.

Heidi Rockwell and Laurel Appleton: On Grief. "Life can only be understood backward but it must be lived forward." Soren Kierkegaard

Heidi Rockwell: 2022-01-30 18:57:33 Heidi Rockwell (52) interviews her niece Laurel Appleton (35) on the loss of Philip Appleton (28), Laurel's brother, to Ewing's like Sarcoma Cancer. Laurel reflects on the loss of a sibling and conveys how grief is...

Dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden

Konrad and I talked about our trip to the Creation Museum and Konrad’s reflection on the difference between church service in Indonesia and here in the United States.

Getting to Know Each other, as First Week of College Students.

Emma age 18, and Skye age 18 go to UNC Asheville as first week students. As classmates they get to know each other over a picnic and describe some of their defining characteristics.

Interview with My Granny

Interview with Tamya Johnson's (17) and their grandmother, Oneil Taylor (76). They discuss segregation, childhood, and growing up.

Luke Gresback

Luke Gresback: 2020-06-16 21:31:01 An interview between grandfather Harland Nelson and grandson Luke Gresback. Harland answers questions about his time in the Air Force during World War II, his experience as an academic, and recounts his life as a father...

Evelyn Cope interviewing Mary Aliabadi Part 1 of 2

Evelyn Cope interviewing her sister Mary Aliabadi in Pennsylvania. Part 1 of 2

Micah Brase & Henry Willis Rant on Star Wars

Micah Brase: 2022-04-27 19:39:13 Me and my friend rant about star wars. Mostly him. Not much of me ranting.

Amanda Sievertson & Whitney Sievertson

In this interview, Amanda Sievertson (48) talks with her daughter, Whitney Sievertson (20), about how interpersonal communication has evolved over her life.