Refreshing Family Memories

An interview with my dad about his life and what he has learned. My dad explains what he wants me to take away from life itself, as well as how to be happy.

Interview with my Uncle

My uncle and I talk about moving to the U.S., his career, and social issues, including immigration, medical coverage, and racism.

Mama & Denise

This interview is private.

Poland to NYC: My Mom and Her Immigration Story

My mom and I cover topics ranging from her decision to immigrate with me to the US at such a young age, growing up in a rural village, and transitioning to the “Big Apple.” We also spoke about what it...

“I have more responsibilities now. I can manage my time and like take care of myself”.

On December 1,2019 I(Jasmeen Kaur) interviewed Harsimrandeep Singh who is my brother. I am 14 years old and my brother is 19 years old. He is really important to me and he taught me things that nobody has ever told...

"I was kind of a reluctant student".

I, Abby Shewmaker, interview my mom, Wendy Shewmaker, about her childhood and experiences in school and as a teenager.

Julia Kropinova Immigration Interview

Kropinovas lifechanging experience of immigrating away from Russia in the 90s

Dave Emenhiser, Church Member and Politician

Dave talks about his faith, childhood, job, memorable moments, and lessons he has learned in life. Dave has also run for city council numerous times and gives his stand on local government and policies.

How to Design Your Own Custom Leather Jackets

Upload your Artwork/Design and we will tailor made your jacket with guaranteed Fit and Crafty Customization: Everyone loves watching movies of their favorite heroes and actors. Movies make us feel the thrill and roller coaster of emotions. We feel what...

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019
December 2, 2019 App Interview

For The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019, Ahmirah Crump a Junior from Egg Harbor Twp. High School conducted an interview with her Dad, Kenyda Crump about his childhood and any family history.

Interview with Mom

Interview with my mother, Suma, where we discuss her childhood, her first days in America, and her experience raising two daughters as a single mother

Living in the Moment

For the Great Thanksgiving Listen, Timothy Chancey, an Egg Harbor Township High school student, interviews Angelina Gorobchenko, his sister, about her life growing up and the life she is living now. She expresses her feelings of traveling from Russia to...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2019.

Ajani Young, an EHTHS junior, records a test upload for The Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2019.

The Caldwell's Journey in Portland (The Great Listen 2019)

Grandparents Worth and Barbara Caldwell reminisce on their family’s journey in Portland with their grandson Connor Langley. They talk about how their parents knew one another far before they ever met, their early dating days were problematic, and how their...

Interview Of Grandpa
December 3, 2019 App Interview

Interviewing Grandpa about Love, The Army, Traveling, Teaching, And Family

My Grandma and I

A conversation with my Grandma about her early childhood. We discussed her school life quite a bit, and how she met her future husband. We talked about her siblings, her grandparents, and her parents. The best part was when she...

FYS Interview about the theme of Work-Related with Frank Sesno by Xena Bunton

I interviewed Frank Sesno for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Frank Sesno’s book...

Great Thanksgiving Listen Lauren Khalil

I interviewed my aunt Aziza Khalil in the house she grew up in and we talked about her childhood and how growing up in new places can be scary sometimes.

Writing Guide

Among the variety of different academic papers, students sometimes need to write some extraordinary and rather rare papers like resume. A resume is a great advertisement of student’s progress and professional features. It may promote a student and boost the...

A Very Long Talk

An interview of my mother. She talks a lot, but it basically answers so questions about her.

For the Future

For “The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019”, Egg Harbor Township High School Junior Riley Serback interviews his mother, Jennifer Serback about her life from her childhood in a small town to modern day in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. In the...

18 and 5 year old cousins bond over their love of music

Hayden Dinsmoor, 5, is interviewed by his older cousin Marisa Dinsmoor, 18. He shares his love of music inspired by Marisa’s involvement in theatre and a rock band with her friends. She has shared her favorite music with him since...