How ToResearch Sample College Essays

Sample college essays can be a great way to see how you will write the paper. You will often get some information about your essay topics and then have to write the essay for yourself. This is one of the...

Interview With My Dad About Climate Change

This is an interview with my dad about climate change.

Me and my mom

In this interview I talk with my mom about her life and her growing up to meeting my dad and my birth mom me.

Referencing Styles in Dissertation Writing

Academic life is all about writing. You have to write all the time. From early classes in school to your doctorate degree, you have to produce assignments and written projects all the time. A dissertation is a long research paper...

My Vietnamese friend’s school of life between Vietnam and the U.S.

That’s my friend’s school of life between Vietnam and the U.S. I was asking him about his feeling and thinking.

How to overcome the PBS kid's channel activation error?

1. Check the activation page 2. Verify the code 3. Check the PBS channel account validity 4. Establish a good speed network  5. Restart the device once  6. Deactivate the channel and begin the process again To access this channel from...

Cheverus High School Stag Stories: Peter O'Donnell

Daniel Haskell (age 18), a senior at Cheverus High School, interviews 1979 alumni Peter O'Donnell. They discuss Mr. O'Donnell's childhood, his memories from Cheverus, the guiding principles he learned from Cheverus, his career in politics, and his current work in...

Literature Review samples

Why and when people need research paper services? Every research paper – is a result of great job, long studying and lots of personal time. You have been organized own thoughts, analyzed authors works, selected methodology etc. It would be...

Lit Life: Nathan and Mary Kim talk about The Great Gatsby

In this recording, brother and sister discuss about F. Scott Fitzgerald's book and some of the lessons or messages he is trying to convey through this novel.

Life Lessons with my Godfather

An interview between Godfather and Godson discussing the desire to move forward and change in life.

How being a father changed you

16 year old Kira Kolmetsky interviews her father, Kevin Kolmetsky in Pine Hill, New jersey. He is a carpenter in the Union and never really had a plan growing up. When he found out he was having a daughter, he...

A Conversation with my Friend's Dad about Technology affects the Workspace and American Culture

Mr. Kundu and I have a conversation on his experiences and difficulties (or lack theorf) in coming to America, through his education to working up the corporate ladder and eventually starting his own consulting business. Then we go on a...

Interview with my childhood best friend

This interview contains how an international student from South Korea views the COVID-19 crisis, its impact on his social life, and overall values before and after COVID-19.

"Strive to be the best"

Hi my name is Kyleigh Oberman, a junior at Egg Harbor Township High School. I interviewed my mom who grew up in Egg Harbor Township her entire life. My mom is a hardworking person and strives to be the best...

Mom’s Advice on Living Life to the Fullest

Mom talks about her life, the friends she made, the lessons she learned, and how to make the most out of life.

Life is what you make of it

My mother and I have a short talk. We discuss her driving ideologies and the events in her life that resulted in them. We talk about many things, including gratitude, the meaning of family, and the importance of home to...

Charles Muntz Legacy. Sharing his story about his involvement with the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and other aspects of his life.

As the area’s foremost team of home health care experts, we deliver nursing, rehabilitation, and hospice services with proven effectiveness, integrity, and compassion. We are driven by a focus on excellence and a spirit of innovation, from improving systems of...

Alaya Abeyta talks with her grandmother, Margaret, about her childhood, and raising a foster child, as well as a child with cerebral palsy.

In this interview, Alaya and her grandmother, Margaret, talk about her grandmother's life as a child. They discuss what school was like for her in her time, and how her household was run. They then talk about how Margaret and...

Determination is Key to Success

Kate Canela, a junior at Egg Harbor Township High School, interviews her mother, Lissette Rodriguez about her childhood in Dominican Republic and her biggest influences in life. She recalls having a happy childhood, despite having lost her father at a...

Barriers to Voting: Cultural Values

In this podcast, we discussed culture and cultural values and the role it plays in voting, politics, and the world.

My Grandmother talks about her time as a teacher, instructor, and parent as well as giving advice and stories she has.
November 29, 2018 App Interview

I speak with my Grandmother, a renown teacher and community administrator, Fire Department office manager and more, about some of her experiences as a teacher and as she grew up in general. I ask her about school in Haiti and...

Improved Infrastructure Interview

The infrastructure of countries can be developed if technical education is provided. Learned engineers, builders and architects mean well-planned roads, bridges, underpasses, flyovers and traffic conditions. They can survey the demands and necessities of a particular region and can aim...

Untitled Interview

This interview all about the famous online leather jacket store name getmyleather.