Telecom Engineer

Telecom Engineering is probably one of those fields that witnessed rapid advancement in recent years. It comes as no surprise that it is among the most pursued careers today. Whether you are a fulltime employee, looking to earn a few...

Bringing Nature to Denver's Homeless Shelters

This interview is with Laura who used to work at the Delores Project. She shares the positive benefits bringing nature into homeless shelters has on the people who utilize them.

Alaya Abeyta talks with her grandmother, Margaret, about her childhood, and raising a foster child, as well as a child with cerebral palsy.

In this interview, Alaya and her grandmother, Margaret, talk about her grandmother’s life as a child. They discuss what school was like for her in her time, and how her household was run. They then talk about how Margaret and...

Barriers to Voting: Cultural Values

In this podcast, we discussed culture and cultural values and the role it plays in voting, politics, and the world.


Story corps Great thanksgiving listen test

Dan Belbey in Greenville, SC talks about being a part of the Stonewall Uprising: "You Need to Take a Stand."

Dan Belbey is 74 years old and lives in Greenville, SC with his husband Tom. The couple has been together for 48 years, married for five. Dan talks with Ivy Hill about his involvement in the Stonewall Uprising in New...

A daughter interviews her mother about her mother's life from 1906 to 1985.

Alice Lorraine Palmer Mathews (daughter) interviews her mother Alice Beatrice Carlos Palmer (mother) in 1985. Note that Alice Beatrice gets confused at times thinking the interviewer (her daughter) is her grand-daughter. Note also that Cheryl Mathews is the StoryCorps account...

Role of Management Accounting in Modern Business Environment

Accounting assists the firms all over the globe to attain its aims and objectives by gathering, managing and communicating data pertains to their business activities. The management accounting involves offering data pertains to accounting to the managers within the businesses...

How to Make Methodology Page

In terms of writing an essay we usually do not need to integrate parts other than the Introduction, Body and the Conclusion. But if you intend to simply construct a paper that also involves researching, then you must be concerned...

Makayla Karlsen’s test interview for the great thanksgiving listen 2019

In this test recording Makayla karlsen at EHTHS in EHT, NJ records a practice audio file for the 2019 pilot of the Great thanksgiving listen. Makayla is in 11th grade and is studying English III

Rashon and Matthew discuss his career as a teacher. " How do you want your student's to remember you?"

This is an interview given to a high school classmate of mine that is a fourth grade teacher in Brooklyn New York.

Interview with Mike Lupo

For our class assignment to interview someone over the age of sixty, I interviewed my dad to learn more about his childhood and how creativity has played a role in his life.

Untitled Interview

This interview all about the famous online leather jacket store name getmyleather.

Charles Muntz Legacy. Sharing his story about his involvement with the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and other aspects of his life.

As the area’s foremost team of home health care experts, we deliver nursing, rehabilitation, and hospice services with proven effectiveness, integrity, and compassion. We are driven by a focus on excellence and a spirit of innovation, from improving systems of...

The Wise Words of Doctor Stuerman

This interview is between my grandfather and I. He talks about his childhood experiences and his work as a doctor. He gives multiple good life lessons and his take on the world. He also adds comedy to his meaningful stories...

Parenthetical Importance – A discussion

An interview between myself and my father Vlad that explores my upbringing, his ways of life, and how a family operating in unison can take a turn at any moment.

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My Grandmother talks about her time as a teacher, instructor, and parent as well as giving advice and stories she has.
November 29, 2018 App Interview

I speak with my Grandmother, a renown teacher and community administrator, Fire Department office manager and more, about some of her experiences as a teacher and as she grew up in general. I ask her about school in Haiti and...

Identity, Upbringings, & Resolutions

I Chose my interviewee by thinking of an extraordinary human being, who was hard-working, intelligent, and very motivating. There were many people who I could’ve chosen, but I chose my Mother. My Mother’s name is Monet, she’s an African American...

Untitled Interview

This is my practice interview for American Studies.