Old Media outside of the United States

My best friend’s dad who immigrated to the United States about 5 years ago, talks about what life was like in Venezuela and Colombia before my time. We talked about how news, music, and television was given back when it...

An Interview with my 89-year-old grandfather, Emmit Ackdoe

This interview is with my grandpa, as he recounts his professional studies in Psychiatry, his love for The Little Prince, his travels to Paris and the rest of the world, and how he met my grandmother and raised a family,...

Interview With Lala Cabrales

In this interview, I take the opportunity to interview my grandmother an get to know more about her life.

Student-Teacher Connections

Hear how Karla interviews a teacher that has taught her more than just the structure of a sentence in Spanish. This teacher has given her a beautiful and true insight of what is life.

Johana Sanabria & Theo Sanabria: Being Latinx & a Transgender Man

Johana Sanabria (20) talks with Theo Sanabria (25) about how his childhood experiences, growing up as a Transgender man in a Latinx household affected his life and his mental health. Also discuss self-growth and how to help one self.

The First Time I Met My Mother

I had not seen my mother for 13 years and it turns out that I never imagined being with her together even though all this was essential and that I communicated with her when we were separated.

Historian Interview with Javier Santoyo and Natalia Santoyo
January 27, 2024 App Interview

My name is Natalia Santoyo, I am interviewing my dad Javier Santoyo who is currently 43. Its January 26, 2024. This is an interview to dig deeper into the history on one persons perspective on tragedys they have lived though/survived....

Mom’s experience of moving to the US from Colombia

Gloria explains how it was like for her moving to the US to work after living in Colombia

Caitlin Arellano and Nancy Arellano

Caitlin Arellano: 2023-04-29 23:40:21 Nancy Arellano (68) speaks with her granddaughter, Caitlin Arellano (19) about her familial troubles growing up and the lessons they taught her.

Interview with my dear Grandfather Feb 26 2023 10:29 pm

Paloma Gonzalez (16) talks with her grandfather, Hector Jaramillo (73,) about his childhood in Mexico, and the lessons he learned thought his life.

Mia Yurecko Interviewing Her Abuelo About His Career and Early Life
January 1, 2024 App Interview

Mia Yurecko (14) interviews Mario Garcia, her abuelo (76). They talk about his career, what his childhood was like, and some life lessons that he learned over the years. They also talk about Mia's mother and how Mario met his...

Reymond & his pandemic experience

Since the spark of the COVID-19 Pandemic, last year many small business owners like Reymond had to go through the uncertainty of what the future was holding for him and his family. Fast forward to 2021, Reymond tells us about...

Miguel Aguilar A bit of my mothers life

Miguel Aguilar: 2021-05-01 05:44:34 I Miguel Aguilar talk with my mother Patricia about her childhood and past. It was a first-time interview with a few funny moments. It was really fun to conduct this interview. We had never really sat...

My Friend Soulmate

Marcela Montes de Oca (18) asks her best friend Maria Bolanos (18) some questions that she wondered

Maddie Callahan and Aza Lucho

Maddie Callahan (23) talks with friend Aza Lucho (28) talk about the differences between life in New York and Catemaco, Veracruz, and the struggles of living in the city during the pandemic.

Eddie Arriba and Althemar Gutierrez: "Have Empathy"

Two early twenties friends sit down and have a talk about pleasant memories, the current state of the world, and even some explorations of ideologies and how growing up over these last four years means to someone.

The Effects of Machismo

The participants in the video include Jessica Reyes (21) and Miguel Lucero (22), friends of Dalia Valdez (21). The main topic of the video is Machismo; Dalia asks a couple of questions related to what kind of Machismo the participants...

9/11 Oral Histories – Maria Tellez and Alma Tellez

Maria Tellez was born in Michoacan, Mexico on September 2nd, 1979. She spent most of her life living in Mexico and then moved to Santa Ana, CA. She grew up with her mom Juana, which was one of the most...

Different times with Ofelia Jimenez
November 8, 2021 App Interview

In this test recording Paola Hernandez a student at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI records a practice audio file for an interview with Ofelia Jimenez in 2021.

Memories of Life

This interview was conducted in Spanish and a little bit of English. My mother shared information about her most memorable memories in life and she shared some valuable words of wisdom that I will take with me wherever I go....