Daysi Parada & Daysi Mejia

I interviewed my mother about her moment in life and more in depth about her experience in the civil war at El Salvador.

Pati Interview

Paty talks about her life in Mexico and how different it is to the United States. She talks about her experiences growing up and being bullied for her height. She expands on our cultural richness in Yucatan such as rama,...

Testimonio: Mujer de Fe

My grandmother Nydia Olivares (85) speaks to granddaughter Ariana Avellan (16) about how her escape from Nicaraguan poverty and her building a life in the USA have affirmed her faith.

Grandma's Life Before Moving to Mexico.

In this interview, conducted November 23rd 2021, Margarita Garcia tells about her experience as a child living in Guajaca and life before moving to Mexico where she expanded her family to her grandchild Katherine Merino-leal

Mi Historia

Fernando Mora speaks a little about his life before coming to the US and what it was like when he got here. He also speaks about his stance on the potential change the immigration policy.

La Luz Que Alumbra Mis Días de Sombra, Mi Padre.

Entrevista a mi padre con la finalidad de escuchar las enseñanzas y los consejos no hablados ahora en sus últimos meses de vida

Mami Chencha Deserves the World

Mami Chencha gets interviewed on her childhood, family, and what it was like moving from a sunny Caribbean island to a snowy New York.

Alex Jimenez interviews his mom, Berth, about her childhood and historical events
November 26, 2018 App Interview

Alex Jimenez (17) and my mom, Bertha(44), talked about her growing up in Mexico and about her life in the United States. We also discussed about past events. The interview was done on November 25, 2018, in Vestavia Hills, Al.

Neptaly and Armando talk about the past and today “how were your parents like?”

In my intwerview with my dad I talk to him about his past and today. I ask him a few questions about him and how his parents were. I ask him about my sisters when we were little and ask...

The Great Thanksgiving Day Listen with Lala and Ari

Ariana Ramos (14) talks to her grandmother, Naomi Ramos (77) about her childhood. They also talk about how she wants to be remembered, and about the life that she has lived and continues to live.

Grandma Leal & Michael

Cecilia Leal is interviewed by her grandson, Michael Leal, on her 88th birthday. 3 months prior to her passing

Sophia Rodriguez and Erika Orozco

Sophia (age 17) interviewed her cousin from Colombia. They talked about everything her childhood, to her family, to her marriage, to living through the Covid-19 pandemic. They talked mainly about her personal and family life.

Allison Gallardo and her step-grandfather Rafael Jimenez talk about growing up in the Dominican Republic

In this interview, made on November 5th, 2018 in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, Allison Gallardo (15) interviews her step-mother's father, Rafael Jimenez (56). Together they talked about his childhood in the Dominican Republic; how his childhood was normal, how their school system...

Marius Gherovici: To live, to survive, and a search for new home.

Marius Gherovici (94) talks about his family and his experience pre, present, and post World War II. His experience as being an Ethnic Jew during the German occupation of Romania, and his life during his time of the Romanian Chisnau...

Growing up Cuban In North Jersey

My father and I discussed the experiences we had growing up in the same home town. We focused on what being Cuban meant to us here and how it is dificult to maintain culture as imigrant families continue to exist...

Camille Lorico and Litzzie Martinez

Camille Lorico (18) talks with her friend, Litzzie Martinez (18) about her life transitioning from living in Honduras to living in different parts of the U.S. and adjusting to her new life in the U.S.