Herminia Magcale tells her granddaughter Sophia Magcale about her life in the Philippines and in the U.S.

Herminia Magcale speaks about her family life while living in Dizon, Philippines. From her childhood to her current daily life, she covers a few points in her life that have impacted her and struggled with. Additionally, she includes how she...

My Mom and I go down Memory Lane

We talk about my mom’s life in the Philippines and compare my life to hers for a bit.

"Family is the Idol of Philippine Society"

This interview was done for the “Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019” on November 30, 2019 with my sister. Since she was not able to make it to Thanksgiving due to personal reasons, I interviewed her while she was in New York....

My interview with my dear grandfather

My grandfather tells his life story about the Philippines. How he met my grandma and how he felt about both my parents. He also tells what he did as he grew up

My mum and her thoughts about the difference culturally
December 7, 2018 App Interview

My mum from the Philippines is talking about how people in America communicate differently than people in the Philippines.

Mama & Denise

This interview is private.

The Love and Warmth Only a Mother Can Provide

I interviewed my grandmother, born and raised in the Philippines, about her life. She talked about my grandfather, how it was like raising her children in the Philippines, how my dad was like when he was younger, the level of...