APB storycorps interview

I interview my mom on her views on politics and how she got them.

Interview About My mom & her thought on politics.

I talk interview my mom & she gave background information about her self & Gave her thoughts on politics & Her political ideology.

Lissete Cisneros-AP Gov interview

Interviewing my mom about where she grew up and how it influences her views on American politics.

Family Interview (Mom)

My mom tells her story about her life in Mexico. She’s not really interested in politics.


I interviewed my mom on her view about politics and the society she lives in. As a undocumented, how has America changed her life. Or what is her hope for America. She also shared out her past and childhood in...

APB- Alize Centeno’s Interview with Ivonne Gomez

In this interview I was able to learn more about my mom and her childhood as well as her future plans.

Personal political ideology

Will talk about my political ideology and my what my mom thinks about her own political ideology

APB Government Interview

Interview with my mom about how she grew up and how the various factors we talked about in class have affected her, as well as a few others.

Victor Mendoza and Emily Mendoza.

Emily Mendoza (25) talks with her brother, Victor Mendoza (17) about her childhood and growing up. She talks about how she would like to be remembered through memories with individuals. She takes on the topic of parenthood and how it...

Katya’s Family interview

Interviewed my mom about her childhood and her interest in politics.

Family Interview

We talked about our family and intrest in politics.

APB: Interviewing mom

My mom and I mostly talked about her memories of me as a baby, her parents’ families related questions and remembering a recent lost in our family. We lost our uncle, my mom’s brother.

David and Pedro’s interview

My dad talked about his family and his political views on Mexico and The United States

Family interview assignment

I’ve learn my mom opinion on political party. It was kind of hard to keep going with the conversation

Janet Zapata Flores – US Government

This is my mother. She is a 41 year old lesbian Mexican American immigrant that is also a single mom.

APB Britny Chavarria

This is an interview done to my grandma to ask about politics.

APB Aprender más de la vida.

Recordar es volver a vivir. We talk about topics that we don’t usually talk because sometimes it’s hard to remember moments where you were sad. However you made memories that in the end make you stronger. Es bueno aprender de...

Enrique Toledo StoryCorps for 12th grade government @ APB

I interview my mom, Maria to discuss her childhood, hardships , and aspirations for her family. This interview is in Spanish and recorded on 11/28/21.