Interview Yecenia O.

Iyana F. interviews Yecenia O. about her family and their immigration story.

Interview with Erionna

This interview brings you Erionna, An 18 year old young women who talks about her life in Denver, CO and the change in her community. Erionna explains how she wants to make an impact to those in poverty sometime in...

Kamilla Karner

In this episode of our Journey 2 Unity podcast, we discussed an unheard life story in America. Yecenia, an intern at Arts Street intern, had the chance to interview an immigrant from Argentina. Kamilla Karner shares her opinion on current...

Umutesi K. Interviews Yecenia O.

Yecenia talks about her life and her family’s immigration to the United States. In her photo she is shown with narrative flags she created to express her immigration story and her thoughts on immigration in the U.S.

Interiew with Epitasia Ruizsauazo

In this unedited interview, Epitasia Ruizsauazo talks about her experience coming to the United States with a permit that allowed her and her whole family to immigrate and escape from the crime and delinquency in Chiguagua, Mexico. Immigrating to the...