The Journey of Tom Nguyen

We talked about my dads journey to the United States and his military journey.

Beryl Marin- India

Sarah Katherine Hugo talks with Beryl Marin about her experience as an immigrant to the United States from India.

GTL Arnav Nanduri 2021

I interviewed my grandmother about her life and experiences in India.


We were talking about our childhood and life of our teenage.

Sudan Civil War: A Family’s Experience

This interview was done in Claremont on Tuesday May 22, 2018. I interviewed Francis Wani who immigrated to the United States during the war to escape the violence in Sudan. Now he is president of a charity that helps immigrants...

Thanksgiving With Opa

We talked about the life and experience of young Klaus Foerst throughout his entire life up to this point. Mainly focusing on the experiences of him throughout his past and education.

Andrea Urlich and her Uncle Alexander Urlich talk about the Military life and how it changed his perspective on life.

In this interview conducted in December 2018 in Chantilly, Virginia, Andrea Urlich interviews her Uncle Alexander Urlich about his time being in the military and his childhood life . He mainly talks about /describes how life was like in the...

Colin Hines and grandpa

Colin interviews his grandpa in his basement about his childhood