My aunt on God
November 27, 2022 App Interview

Having a discussion with my aunt about her personal walk with God. Interviewer: Jamal Williams Age 39. Person of interest: Joan Mcdonald Age 73

Synthesis interview

I talked to my mom about her life and the lessons she learned.

History StoryCorps Project-Peyton Coppins

In this interview, I had the pleasure of learning a great deal about my school counselor. The lessons and experiences she had growing up are ones I will take with me, and I hope to experience ones just like it.

Interview with my grandma!

In this interview, my grandma talked about how she grew up, raised her kids, and loved Jesus at the same time.

Interesting stories from Mrs. Becker

Mrs. Becker was a pastors wife and the church was a big part of her life. Also women’s rights was a big part of her life, her grandmother was the important person that influenced her. Mrs. Becker had interesting answers...

Crooked Expectations

I interviewed my grandmother about the experience when she first came to America. She explained that there were many assumptions about America that weren’t necessarily true. She said the style of fashion at the time was very curious and differed...

Thanksgiving interview with my Nana!

I interviewed my Nana about her past. I had really enjoyed hearing the things that I hear about her because I did not know about them.

Tata My Mentor

I learned more about my Tata today. He loves God with all his heart, and he loves me!

Two of a Kind – a generation apart!!

I interviewed my friend I met at church about ten years ago. She talked about the importance of God in her life as well as what advice she would give to her grandchildren.

Psy 230 Essay 3

We talked about Connie’s life growing up and her relationship with the Lord and how it has made such a large influence on her life.

Empathy in Your Community

I interviewed my sister, Amy Sloan, about her experiences she learned while traveling to San Antonio for a VBS week with kids in poverty and experiencing abuse. She tells me about how this as impacted her life and how she...

interview with my dad

We talked about favorite family holidays, are religion, and childhood memories. Also we talked about relatives that played a big role in his life and when he is was going to become a dad.

Holy Cross Dunn Loring Father John Thomas

Interview with Father John Thomas on the occasion of the 40th anniversary celebration of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross., Dunn Loring, Virginia

A chat with my mom

In this conversation. I learned more about my mothers life and what she sees in me.

Betty Cleland

During this interview we talked about Betty's life in terms of her marriage, children, and lessons learned. Betty was extremely interested in swimming, and academics.

Sophie Harkey and Jan Smith Discuss Middle School

Sophie and Jan discussed Jan’s experience in middle school. They talked about friendships, school dances, faith, classes, and being kind. Jan gave Sophie advice about being inclusive and making wise decisions. At the end, Jan tells Sophie that Middle School...

Janece and Grandma Annie

Interviewing my grandma on various questions that pertains to her life. We covered everything from family to religion.

Lauren’s Interview

Doing this interview gave me information about my God father that I never knew about. This helped me learn things that will help me with my future relationships with others.