Raised By A Community

In this interview, my dad talked about how he was guided through most of his life and wishes he could have taken more risks.

Thanksgiving interview project.

This was an interview about how she lives her life and how she wants to live further

Holy Cross Dunn Loring Ron Parnell

Interview with parishioner Ron Parnell on the occasion of the 40th anniversary celebration of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross, Dunn Loring

Interview With Uncle Tom

The main focus of this interview was mostly on how God is the only thing that matters and having a personal relationship with him. In addition, family played a huge role in both thanksgiving, and life in general.

Oral history interview

We discussed a lot of her personal life, in terms of religion and past experiences.

Holy Cross Dunn Loring Gene Reynolds

Interview with parishioner Gene Reynolds on the occasion of the 40th anniversary celebration of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross, Dunn Loring


Listening to my grandpas fasinating stories and past life experiences!! I absolutely learned more than I expected to.

Mike Lunsman

Mike shares stories about how he worked from rock bottom to turn his life around. He shares honest stories about addiction and how anyone can work hard to make their life better.

Sister talk

My sister and I talked about things like religion, hardships, and adults that have influenced us.

Story crops

This was a interview with my grandmother who I 64 year of age and we talk about her past and current life

Dad Interview

I asked questions on his early life and his overall life/wisdom.

Janece and Grandma Annie

Interviewing my grandma on various questions that pertains to her life. We covered everything from family to religion.

Empathy in Your Community

I interviewed my sister, Amy Sloan, about her experiences she learned while traveling to San Antonio for a VBS week with kids in poverty and experiencing abuse. She tells me about how this as impacted her life and how she...

Two of a Kind – a generation apart!!

I interviewed my friend I met at church about ten years ago. She talked about the importance of God in her life as well as what advice she would give to her grandchildren.