StoryCorps Interview #1: Book Recommendation

This is an interview between my father, Dave Kreischer, and myself where I ask him a series of questions about how books have played a role in his life. Also, I ask him for some book advice throughout the course...

Frank the Kestrel. Photo by Mick Thompson.

Sarah encounters a bird from her past during her freshman year of college. Photo courtesy of Mick Thompson

Jordan And Armondo Regular Day

We where talking about Zion Williamson the kid that go to duke and hurt his self last night against rival team North Carolina

Tanner Hoyle take 2

I interviewed Tanner Hoyle about his life, what he learned from it, and what memories does he hold close

my brother

my brother and I had an interview about his past life and many deeper questions. him and I are very close and talk about almost everything, but not really about the past and how it effected us.

Jane Reffelt interviewing Elizabeth Reffelt

Mother daughter interview on influential people, regrets, and past family history.

Isabelle Brooms Interviews Anna Dickson on her life.

Interviewing Anna Dickson was a pleasure. Hearing about her thoughts on life and how she views the challenges she has been through were eye opening. I loved getting to know her more, and I learned a lot about her.

Clary Rotchford Thanksgiving 2017

Our families influence us in so many ways. Some loving and some challenging. It is what we make of what we experience that creates the tenatiius, creative and capable people we are today.

Paige Norman and her exciting freshman year

Paige and her best friend Helen got into a bit of criminal situation her freshman year of college!

English project for Christmas

We talked about mostly of her childhood and some of her favorite memories.

30 minutes talking about life

I asked about food and bad childhood memories, mostly good and pretty specific types of things like pet and family experiences. We also talked about going through school and making friends, as well as jobs and desires. This led to...

Marguerite and her college experience with the covid 19 pandemic

We discussed the impact that COVID-19 has had on Marguerite’s college experience. We also discussed how her freshman year at college, her first impression of college was.

An Interview With My Mom

My mom greatly shared with me about our ancestry in Ireland and England in which I never knew about. We talked about her greatest accomplishments in like and the proudest moment that has happened so far in her lifetime.

Samantha Labens

I asked Samantha a series of questions about her personal spiritual beliefs and experiences. She considers herself an 'Omnist', and finds varying beliefs from across the world accomodating.

Interview with Maren

We talked about happiest memories, gratefulness, the future, telling me something I didn’t know about you, what you mean to me