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First Day of School
September 26, 2018 App Interview

Justin talks about his first day of school and what happened.

Silvia Lynch

This is an interview is with my grandmother Silvia Lynch.In this she talks about her life growing up on a farm with 14 siblings and being the mother of 7 children.

Indecisiveness From Hurt

I asked my grandfather some personal questions about his life. He seemed to hold back from digging too deep and getting emotional.

Emotional Literacy Project

This interview is a school project conducted between me and my youngest son about his life experience.


Michael Grenier interviewed Celine Rodriguez. Approximately 5mins long.

Recording – 08-13-2023 21:05:36 Growing Up

My name is Kaleigh, I am 22 years old and I decided to interview my boyfriend Jacob who is 24 years old. I wanted to hear some more of what it was like growing up in a small town in...

The Aquariums

I met Matthew Brock my sophomore year of college. It has forever changed my life. My aquarius buddy.

COM 101 interview with a classmate
October 29, 2020 App Interview

My name is Kip Angaiak and today I interviewed my classmate and roommate Colton Corrales for an assignment in my class.

Interiew with Brian Aikins
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Taking a look into the life of an OSU college freshmen, Brian Aikins. We discuss school, life, and motivation.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I have interviewed my aunt for my extra credit assignment. She is 47 years old and also my mom’s sister. I had so much fun doing this assignment while going through different questions.

student loan

about the first 5 minutes is going to be understanding the interviewee, after words gets into the topic of student loans.


The topics discussed in their interview were what Danielle's childhood was like, and traits about herself. Also what her future plans are going to be.

Logan Collins

Interview of Logan (19) and his life. We talk about his relationships and fond memories.

Interviewing grandpa

We talked about childhood, meeting grandma, an influential teacher of his, what he thought he was going to be when he grew up when he was young, his favorite music as a child, what it was like when he found...

Transferring and leaving her old life behind.

As jasmine talks about her good memories at NSU, she also tells us what’s in store for her at the University of Monroe.

Interview with Marisabel Leon

It was an amazing experience hearing my mom talk about her life

From Teen Mom to Mentor!

We spoke about the importance of being a mentor. And having a mentoring throughout your lifetime.

Interview with Michelle Henderson
October 22, 2022 App Interview

Interview with my mother, Michelle Henderson. She is 49 years old. Recorded on October 22, 2022 by Sierra Henderson.

Interview of Mehran Farhadi

The interview of Mehran Farhadi(63) conducted by his son Evan Farhadi(16) and his journey as an Iranian and an American.

Story Corps Project – Will

I talked to my dad about his career decisions. We also jumped into how a college major influenced these.

Thanksgiving listen
December 4, 2020 App Interview

We talked about childhood and life experiences.we also spoke about what the future holds for her.

Luis Barrantes interviews his ex-Marine step-father about voting, careers, and time in service

I, Luis Barrantes, interview my step-father about his career choices and voting beliefs. We discussed his past and current careers. Then, dove into his dream careers and why. We discussed my step-fathers’ father and his career when he moved to...