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America interviewing Matteo

For an assignment for ethnic studies course, students America Castillo interviews Matteo Wolfson, two seniors at AJR. The two students share memories, personal and basic ones in efforts to get to know and understand one another better.

Interviewing Marilyn

This interview talks about the future and where do you see yourself, also what type of person you are. The last thing this interview talks about is pets how many you have, discribe your pet ect.

Derricks Interview

Derrick Johnson age 17.Derrick was is into football and was a silly kid.He grew up with siblings and cousins all around him.He tragically loss his grandfather but says he still watches over him.

Raymond Perez

interviewing Raymond Perez to get a better understanding of him and have a connection with him. based off an assignment of ethnic studies class

Betzy Damian

The person i interviewed is 17 years old and is names Betzy Damian. We discussed many things about her personality and some personal questions.


Ask my friend Susana questions about her life, goals, and dreams.

Recording – 08-18-2023 11:41:14

I was interviewing someone I don’t know and it was fun learning about them and what they like to do.

kevin hipolito

he is talking about his life and how thing are changing.he was talking about quarantine and how it affected his grades. The sports he plays and what he enjoys doing.


Her name is Jasmin and she’s 16 years old. We talked about her reason for coming to ajr, most important person to her and more.

August 17, 2023 App Interview

Fernando talked about how he works and is thankful for god and all his blessings

Recording – Gustavo Rios

this was a interview on Gustavo Rios a 17 from south central. he talked about growing up in la . He also talks about his senior year of high school and what he expectes


I interviewed Melanie with the intent to get to know her more than just a classmate I have a class with. The questions I asked all connected in a way that didn't feel forced to ask.

Jonathan Camarena’s Interview

Jonathan Talked about his friends and school life. he also talked about how he appreciated how his life was going.


Alan talked about his loved ones. He talked about the most important people in his life.

The Life of Anne Marie

Anne Marie moved a lot as a child but always stuck through it like a champ. Her mom was a loving and caring person and her dad was a silly man. He left often for work but whenever he came...