First day of school

We talked about her memories in school an how did she feel about the first day of school an if she could relive her teenage years would she.

Let’s Talk About Your Passion: The Marine Corp

I sat down with my 16 year brother to talk his passion for the Marine Corp and what he looks forward to in the future as a Marine Corp Recruit.

Interview with Coach Robinson

The impact of a coach has on a player. Also the impact a teacher has on a student.

Interview of Introduction

The participant in the interview is my older brother, Jason Osei-Tutu. He’s 21 years old. General questions about self introduction were asked such as language he speaks back home, his educational background, and country of origin.

Thy Truong and Alice Nguyen

Thy Truong (16) talks to her aunt, Alice Nguyen (61), about her childhood in Vietnam, as opposed to her life after she sought refuge in the United States.

Pandemic interview

This was an interview between two high school boys who lived through COVID 19 and what it was like


Interview that starts with awkward questions and then it comes to more personal questions

Tianna and Jazmyne

We talked a lot about personalities and Tianna’s past

Service Learning Project

Wisdom my mom shared to me and other people listening to the interview.

The Importance of Family

A grandfather remembers his childhood through his experiences with his family, economic times and traumatic memories. He talks about his high school career and challenges he faced. Then he reminisced on meeting the love of his life along with early...

My Grandfather

Lots of things ranging from childhood to military life and everything in between, including little things like how he liked to dance and how he got his nickname.

Laila Samani New Immigration

Laila Samani moves to America when she was 11, and while she faced some hardships she overall loves America and is happy that she went through what she did.

Caitlin McBratnie and her mom Carrie McBratnie talk about her childhood and life.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Buford, Georgia, Caitlin McBratnie interviews her mom Carrie McBratnie about her childhood in Florida. Carrie talks about growing up in Florida and memories she has of Caitlin and her family. She also...

Living History Project: Charlotte Wilson

Interviewing my mother who is both African-American and Korean-American about her experiences growing up in America.