30 minutes talking about life

I asked about food and bad childhood memories, mostly good and pretty specific types of things like pet and family experiences. We also talked about going through school and making friends, as well as jobs and desires. This led to...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen
January 25, 2021 App Interview

Conversation with my grandma about her most passionate things and childhood memories.

Life of my mom Shelbie allen by Jayden Lee

How my moms life was growing up, the obstacles she faced and over coming challenges. The people she looked up to and the important memories that have brought her where she is now.

Capital Punishment

This interview is my best friends opinion on Capital Punishment

Getting to know one some I look up to.

we talked about many things, him being older and wiser. i asked him about his life.

Thanksgiving Listen Interview

In this summary with my mother Lauren Johnson I would say it was a rather personal questioning interview.I asked a lot of personal questions that had to make her have feelings involved

Just practice

Me and my friend talked about her childhood and about what she did with her. And how she got in trouble but she owned up to her mistakes

Grandparents Interview

I interviewed my grandmother nana on my fathers side.

Johnson wyatt

brock is a 14 year old teenager that wants to changed the fact we have so much homework. He also said that he also was having a good day so this helped us record. He wants to graduate and in...

Obama’s Inauguration

My father shares his feelings about the first Black President given the long history of oppression within the United States against people of color, in particular Black people, how he was effected about the policies of the Obama administration and...

Historia de Emigración

Entrevista con una joven estudiante que se mudó de Perú a la edad de seis años y comparte con nosotros sus experiencias

From Bombay to Mumbai: Shrutha and her mom discuss living in post-colonial India.

In this interview, conducted in June 2021 in Rockville, Maryland, Shrutha (17) interviews her mom, Ms. Pai, about growing up in India after the period of British colonialism. Ms. Pai describes what India looked like before the British arrived, painting...

Anthony Carvajal interviewing Maria Carvajal

What was talked about in this interview was about my moms struggles and joys in life. My mom talked a lot about her joys mostly being about her family.

Thanksgiving day interview

This interview was on November 24 2017 in Chicago, IL. Arturo I Jaimes interviewing with his father Arturo Jaimes. His dad was meeting his wife for the first time when he was in a department working and his wife in...

My Dad’s Life

David K. Bega (15) interviewed his dad David Bega Jr (46) about his life growing up. He asked different questions about his childhood and about how his life at different jobs were. He finally asked him about his goals for...