My mom loves me and family is the most important thing in life.

Interview with my grandmother, Aba

I conducted an interview on my grandmother, Aba. I asked her a series of questions. I chose my grandmother for this because she is a great role model in my family and is always bringing us up.

coronavirus interview with dad

i talk to my dad about his challenges with the coronavirus pandemic


The Way A Single Father Has To Be On A Teenage Female

The life of Bonnie Olson

I asked her about her life and her parenting, and what her dreams are for her kids

Interview With Garrett

We talked about his life and what he did as a little kid.

Interview with Grandpa

My grandfather and I talk about his past experiences in life, and how they relate to us now.


How he felt about the holiday thanksgiving

Mom’s Interview

The interview was really about my mom's past.

Lynette’s interview #vivabivona

As a class project I was required to interview one of my parents about themselves.


Past and present hopes and dreams

My moms life

What my mom wanted to be at my age and who inspired her the most

Mother’s Legacy

This interview was more or less me asking my mom about her past, future, and present

Corps story-Ana’s

We talked about what her favorite memory was of me. We also talked about what advice would you give about raising kids and more.

A real wedding surprise

My grandpa tlaked about this bizar moment that had occurred on his wedding day, 38 years ago, he had received a phone call from his half sister. He then talked about how later on there was a family reunion that...

An Interview with Mom

We talked about how I was like as a child growing up . Also stories about my childhood

Interview with my stepdad

We basically talked about his life and his generation and how he grew up.


Today i interviewed jordan about his life to learn more about him.


My mom and I talked about my childhood and how I behaved when I was younger. She also mentioned the most important parts of tasing a child