I interviewed my mom on the impact corona virus has had on herself and those around her. I’m doing this as a school assignment as a way to be educated about the current events going on.

Interview w/ my sister about life

Interview w/ my sister about life choices in the future & family heritage.

Thanksgiving break

We talked about life lessons and memory’s of when my mom was a kid.

Mom’s World

My mother, Laura Dattilo, tells us about her greatest influences and her most important life lessons that have been carried out through her life.

interviewing my mom #TheGreatListen #TGTLSHS2020

i ask my mom about her life experiences & what she has learned from them

Interview of my mother.

We talked about my childhood and many sweet memories of my siblings and I. We briefly talked about how my mom and dad met.

family tree

We talked about old memories and family


Ebony and I talked mostly about her childhood and what she learned in life.

Thanksgiving Project

I interviewed my mother, and found out a lot of new things about her.

Boyfriend discussion!

His life growing up and favorite memories and people along the way!


My mom and Italked about how her life was growing up.

Fax Machines And Firefighters
November 21, 2018 App Interview

My grandfather was a firefighter in the past. In this interview he tells how and why he became one. And some of his strangest stories.

Maddie interview

This is about Maddy and one of her happiest memories

William Lamas interviewing his Mom, Aimet Lopez

We recapped many of my Mom’s childhood, if she’s proud of me, and what she saw when she gave birth to me, etc.

Famous Gabby

Gabriella and I -her aunt- talked about Gabby’s favorite activities, family and friends.


Good and bad memories of my life. These are stories my mom wanted to share with me

Mom’s journey

We talked about mom’s life of what she was like as a child and what I was like as a child. We basically talked about the main highlights of mom’s life growing up and now.