Thanksgiving Listen 🎶

This interview includes a conversation between myseld and my grandmother. Where I ask her a few questions of which I was able to get to know her and her way to look at life a little better. And where she...

final exam U.S. History

I had interviewed my mom, Brooke. I had asked her questions about her past.

Brothers Second Birthday

This participant had more than one special place and story.

Interviewing my grandmother

I asked her about her family and how she met my grandfather.

Yelaine & Boris Balsindes Urquiola

This our first interview and the being for more understanding about us.

Malcolm X

we talked about why he was influenced by Elijah Muhammad and what he was most proud of in his life.

My sis in law

My sis in law life and struggles of her life. She has been through a lot this year.


Ebony and I talked mostly about her childhood and what she learned in life.

Elsa Hamson

I interviewed my mom Kathleen Melia about her life growing up and who she was. It was very good because I love talking to her.