interviewing Basant Bohnan

We discussed some questions that teaches people more about us and things we love sharing with others about our ethnicity/religion.


we talked about what it is like to reflect and understand people, and how to approach people with kindness in all walks of life. i also rambled a lot.


In this interview, I talk to my mom and it is made very clear that she loves my dog the most.

The greates man I ever knew

Everyone says the have the best dad in the world and for their own reasons. From all the stories he’s told me to all the lessons he’s taught me, my dad Luis Ramirez is the wises man and the best...

Intro Brigitte Stehlik

Brigitte's childhood in Winterspuren Germany in the early 1940s and what she's grateful for.

Questions for my uncle

We talk about questions that influence in my uncles life.we also talk about what are we thankful for.

Sandy Tomaga

This is an interview of me and my mother


COVID-19 has effected the lives of so many and recreated a new normal. Nick and I chat briefly how comparing how life once was compared to how it is now.

Thanksgiving questions

We talked about what was it that he was most proud of. And I asked him what was he most proud of


We talked about his line of work stoutness another his life and what he did as a child

Parents Interview- English

Asking parents questions that force them to go back and look at there lives a whole

Grandma interview

I interviewed my grandma about her life. I asked her advice, and learned a lot of new things.

Interviewing my mom

Me and my mom talked about her life and all the crazy things that happend. I was surprised because I didn’t know that much