My Interview with my grandmother

Mainly childhood and thoughts about God.Also if there was any regrets that you had before you died.


We talked about how her life was a child. Always how she is now with my siblings.

Corps story-Ana’s

We talked about what her favorite memory was of me. We also talked about what advice would you give about raising kids and more.

Grandma Joan

My grandma has lived a very interesting life, I thought it would be nice to hear her story.

The story of my Moms Life

We talked about how where the things that she would have felt and that she felt

Interview with Grandpa

My grandfather and I talk about his past experiences in life, and how they relate to us now.

An Interview with Mom

We talked about how I was like as a child growing up . Also stories about my childhood


Good and bad memories of my life. These are stories my mom wanted to share with me