Personal Interview by Dontrecia Johnson

We basically talked about my grandmas life and how she feels about her family. We also depicted on how it was when she was growing up.

Interview w/ my sister about life

Interview w/ my sister about life choices in the future & family heritage.

family tree

We talked about old memories and family

Questions for my uncle

We talk about questions that influence in my uncles life.we also talk about what are we thankful for.


The Way A Single Father Has To Be On A Teenage Female

Moms life

This interview is talking about my moms life and how it is now

Thanksgiving interivew

We talked about life and what has made her the person she is today and what she hoped she is remembered for.

Interview with my Aunt Lori by Harley Dodds

My interview with my aunt Lori. She shares story’s of her past.

Interview With Uncle Tom

The main focus of this interview was mostly on how God is the only thing that matters and having a personal relationship with him. In addition, family played a huge role in both thanksgiving, and life in general.

Mother’s Legacy

This interview was more or less me asking my mom about her past, future, and present