over break interview

what we talked about was her childhood. also someone she would remember.

Thanksgiving Project

I interviewed my mother, and found out a lot of new things about her.

interviewing my dad

we just talked about life. how it has changed and how it affected him. mostly what he enjoys about it

Interview with Dad

My dad, Bill, mostly talked about his childhood, what he was like as a child and different stories from when he was a kid. He described the story of how he met my mom an how he proposed. He also...

Great grandma Hazel

My great gandma is 96 years old and she lives in Missouri with family from my mothers side.

Getting too know

We could not make it five minutes long but I got the project done it was fun I got to know my mom better.

Thanksgiving interview

We talked about each other’s childhood and what it was like growing up.

Story corps

We talked about my mom being a teen parent and the trials she faced.

Intro Brigitte Stehlik

Brigitte’s childhood in Winterspuren Germany in the early 1940s and what she’s grateful for.

Maddie interview

This is about Maddy and one of her happiest memories

The Importance of Education

This interview discusses the importance of education in life, drawing examples from the experiences of Jon Moeller.

Famous Gabby

Gabriella and I -her aunt- talked about Gabby’s favorite activities, family and friends.

Personal Interview by Dontrecia Johnson

We basically talked about my grandmas life and how she feels about her family. We also depicted on how it was when she was growing up.

Interview with brian

My dads friend on mother’s day shot himself in front of everyone

Isaiah Voudrie Interview

This was my interview with my father, Michael. It was a good chat and I enjoyed it.

Interview w/ my sister about life

Interview w/ my sister about life choices in the future & family heritage.


Just a little bit about my grandmas life


Past and present hopes and dreams