Easter in the hospital told by Brian Woods
December 2, 2021 App Interview

My grandpa, Brian told I story about when he was in the hospital

Nurses during the Covid Pandemic Dallas, TX.

We’re almost 2 months into our covid pandamic in Dallas, Texas. Here is our story - 2 nurses who work in level 1 trauma hospital in Downtown Dallas.

Living with lupus as a young age
December 8, 2022 App Interview

In this participate I had the pleasure to interview my sister Jazciri Juarez. Jazciri is 24 years old, who battles with lupus and being on dialysis. She shared her experience with us and her journey on finding a kidney transplant.

Broadcast Journalism- Interview

I don’t know how we are supposed to interview someone for that long.

Interpersonal Communication

From discussing childhood to present day memories we take a listen to happy times as well as troubling events. There are no right answers as everyones path is different yet all share emotion to memories.

Zahir Momin and his daughter Nuha Momin talk about his childhood life in Pakistan

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Austin, Texas, Nuha Momin (16) interviews her father Zahir Momin (55) about his childhood life in Pakistan. Mr. Momin shares the struggles that he had growing up in Pakistan along with the...

Meet my dad!

This is my dad! He is adventurous and give great advise.

Me and mama

Me and my mama talked about her life growing up without a mother figure and how it effected her with me and her relationship and my mom and dads relationship and if life right now is how she always imagined...

Me and my mom

We talked about her childhood and memories and how she went though life


We talked about her life in school and her life after school and what she was happy with.

Panemics in Pop Culture

An interview with a student and hospital employee about their experiences during the pandemic.

Recording – 09-17-2023 19:19:55
September 18, 2023 App Interview

The interview is on my brother’s girlfriend which is 26 years old. She mainly talks about how her life has been with family. How they have motivated her and pushed her through the process of life.

Mabel Wadsworth Center Staff Member Speaks Out On Abortion Restrictions

Mabel Wadsworth is a popular women's healthcare center in Bangor, Maine. At their facility, they offer access to birth control, prenatal checkups, and any health care for all genders, along with abortions. With the recently tightened restrictions on abortion, with...

Interview with my mom

Asking questions about things that helped my mom grow as a person.

Front line POV of COVID-19

Talking about how COVID-19 has affected hospitals and personal life

Me and mum

We talked about how her day in age was different then ours and how we can do better at life.