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Harryiah interviews Mrs. Celia Preshon

Important things to learn about one an another. Always listen to what your partner has to say it can be really important.


My mother and I talked about gratitude and what she is grateful for.

The moments I have with you

My happy moments were with your Tia Dela.We were so close we never argued with each other .

School project

Telling people when they were in the old days

my Grandma

My grandma answering questions about her life

Dan Moreland

This was Dan Moreland, he is my grandfather and to me he is Grandaddy. To me I’ve always seen him as the hardest working man I’ve ever met and he will always be that man and he has shown that...

Dad interview

How my dad cares a lot about his kids and how they have helped him

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about Lee’s childhood and things he did growing up


today i interviewed my dad about his life and problems


We talked about how my mom’s life was as a little kid.

Thanksgiving interview

Me and my aunt recorded a Thanksgiving interview


We talked about his personal life. Of how his childhood was like and what he been through. Also his happies moments in life. This was a very interesting interview about my friend. I got to know more stuff about him...

Ron Ohrmund

A story of Ron Ohrmund's triumph and hard times in life. Also what his family's life story was and how his life has changed so far.


What we talked about was how growing up to do good things in life will have a good impact on you in the future