Great thanksgiving listen

We talked about my grandmothers life and all of the adversity and struggles that led to her making future decisions and how they have led to her successes.

Interview with James Patterson

In this interview we talked about my grandpas life and career in engineering

Daniel Robert Hoch (aka The Legend)

This is a conversation with “Pa” Hoch about his life experiences, what he’s learned in 90 years of life, and some funny stories and memories.

Life and work at IBM

Larry Wheaton speaks about the highlights of his career.

Glen Mitchell

My grandpas life and his favorite moment and achievements.


Bill Murphy, a 4th generation resident of Saugerties, loves the connection he has with the community. Whether he is working with youth to develop their sports skills or to help shape their character, or in his role as Mayor of...

The 1960’s

I spoke with a very close family friend (a grandfather to me) about his experience in the 60’s. We spoke of Kennedy, the National Guard, Vietnam War, Segregation, and more.

Interview with Pop Pop

Today I recorded this interview with my Pop Pop to help document his presence in my life. At first I only looked at this as an extra credit project for my honors world civilization class, but after I did this...

A Part of My Dad's History

Kaila Dowd (17) talks with her dad Lawrence M Dowd II (62) and learns about a part of his history that she has not heard about before. Since I am currently applying to colleges and trying to decide where I...

Eric Diaz

We spoke about Eric’s life influences and overall reflecting on life.


"You know that saying about doing something that scares you?" Nancy Campbell has left no corner of Saugerties untouched by her DIY approach. She has been an owner of a gallery downtown, served on the town board and acted as...


"I was able to stay safe for a little while...but not long." Persistent and determined are adjectives too timid still to describe Marti Randall. After serving in the Marine Corps in the mid-1970's, she moved to Saugerties where she trained...


Loved talking to my gpa about his life.

Anthony Knighton’s interview

We talked about my grandmother’s life chronologically and who she was in contact with and how it has influenced who she has become.

An Honorable Pakistani-American Engineer Life

Basically, I interview my 50 year old father who had travelled to America from Pakistan through striving for success and excelling in academics in Pakistan attending the top Engineering school there. He gives important lessons on how one can achieve...


Audrey explains her start in genealogy and how her insatiable curiosity has propelled her to record life and death in Saugerties. Everybody knows Audrey. And now that she's powered by a laptop and Google, rather than pen or copier, Audrey...

Bringing Back the Old Days

We talked about my grandma and grandpa's lives as they were growing up and what led them to where they are now.


When Tad Richards' mother remarried, it was to man named Harvey Fite, who lived in a house with no electricity or running water, dominated by a mountain view and a pile of rubble. That was unique enough living arrangement, but...

Computer school thanksgiving project

Me and my grandma close friend had a great interesting interview

McCormack Family History

History of Technology in IBM, Irish Catholic movement in high schools on the north East side of Chicago. History of club Alabam burying the Great Depression. (Pictured: Marcella Benett 1928)