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Mom and daughter

We talked about her childhood and her family. We also talked about her opinions on things and also presidents.

My cousin Maggie

In this interview I talked to my cousin Maggie. During this time we talked about her childhood and school.

Family relationships

we talked about the past and the future and what should happen moving forward.

Kimberly Hernandez interviews Maria barajas

We mostly talked about me growing up and how I have changed her life.

Interview with mom and things about her life

She talks about her work and little hypotheticals.

Interview for theatere

This interview gives all listeners a look into the life and the shaping of the character of the man who I know to be Megistu Tedla.

Growing up
September 27, 2019 App Interview

About growing up or the good old days


Her childhood how she met her husband how she grew up with Portuguese friends and how her life changed after she got married, she became a truck driver

Mom’s Interview

I asked certain questions i wanted to know the answers too and she answered them honestly.

Social Studies Privilege

That my dad was mostly talking about his grandfather

My extra credit

We talked my father’s values and his time growing up

mom interview
December 4, 2019 App Interview

regrets, happiest times, hardest times, and changes in life


Her life and stuff like how did you feel when you adopted me and stuff like that

Great thanksgiving listen interview with Jeremiah

Me the interviewer asked a series of questions on based on his childhood