Thanksgiving interview
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Today we talked about our description. And how we would like to be know as. I asked my aunt 9 questions.

Moustafa Ali’s Modern day hero

Moustafa’s modern day hero with his mother leila khalife

Interview with Julianne Murphey

We talked about my grandmothers life and how things influence her life.

Coronavirus opinion interview with a 6th grader

Interviewing a middle schooler about how they feel about the coronavirus pandemic

Interview with Laura G

We talk about her live and how I came in her life. We also talked about the 9/11in this 9 Questions interview.

Josh and Mum!

In this interview i ask my mum some questions that I have never gone into detail with her about before.

Thanksgiving Talk With Shane

Shane talks about his childhood and his journey to Los Angeles from humble beginnings.

Celeste Gonzalez San Miguel High School – Interview With My Older Brother

I asked my older brother to sit down with me so I could ask him a few questions for my World Civilizations class. His name is Daniel Gonzalez and he is 23 years old. We discussed the topic of him...

Recording – 11-20-2023 11:50:24

My name is Emma Brinkman, I am 14 years old and I am interviewing Michael Costello who is 14 years old. This interview is about Family traditions and cultural background.

Interviewing kersin._.

I basically asked her some questions some such as who made an impact on your life and how you want to be remembered.

Trevone Sutherland Interview

We have talked about Trevone’s life and some important times and memories.

Class project

Sosa talked about how his family and his personal experiences have made him the made he is today and the man he wants to be in the future.


My mothers history anf her thoughts on a range of topics.

9/11 interview

My aunt Marcelina Bonilla was being interviewed about the 9/11 attack

Coronavirus: Pedro Hernandez

Senior student responds to some controversial questions about the Coronavirus Pandemic.