My mom and her siblings and her proudest moments in life

The Great Thanksgiving Interview With Nancy Khou

We talked about barriers and obstacles that my cousin, Nancy has faced or has seen.

Monumental moments part 2

The phone for some reason stopped recording so this is part 2 (summary will be found in part 1)

Radiation Therapist Interview

Today we discussed Anna’s job as a registered Radiation Therapist. She also talks about what is now different in her job with COVID-19.

interview with grandpa

interview with grandpa talking about childhood memories and what it was like growing up

Thanksgiving interview

We talked about past relationships, childhood memories and family

Ryan’s Bartlett’s 1st Interview (Raquel is interviewer)

I asked Ryan his first interview on Story Corps. These questions were templates from Story Corps. We asked political Questions, relationship questions, hypothetical, personal, etc. Didn’t finish all the questions

Hardship, but We Good!!

Analyn talked about her life and how certain things helped her during her downfall, but she didn’t give up. She’s a strong person and at the end she has found herself in a much better spot but there will always...

Comm 245 Project

This is an interview with my neighbor, Elena, who has impacted my life immensely.

Talk with Bompa (knowing yourself)

I went in thinking my grandpa would hello me out, but turns out that I helped him by reflecting on parts of his life.

Joe Mags

I interviewed my dad, Joe, and we talked about his childhood and his memories.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018 Irene Kaufman

In this recording, Mia Kaufman from Coronado High School records her grandmother Irene Kaufman for the 2018 Great Thanksgiving Listen

Attitude of Gratitude Widowski
November 26, 2018 App Interview

We described what my mother's childhood was like what music she listens to amd what she is grateful for.