“Because I worked in migration, I had the opportunity to rescue all the value in my family’s immigration story”.

Gina shares her grandfather’s immigration story, experiences of being a migrant worker, the effects of transnationality on the structure and dynamic in her family, and her own journey of working with migrants.

Migration, Human Rights, and Social Justice SOWK 732

My name is Linda Quizhpi, and I interviewed both of my parents, who are from Ecuador, about their migration experience and their search for a better life.

Mia’s interview with her grandmother

This is Mia’s interview with her grandmother. They discussed her grandmother’s life and her move from the south to the north.

Immigration story of my aunt and uncle for SOWK 732

In India, arranged marriages are the norm. My uncle had two and this complicated his immigration process and created struggles for his family.

Laurie Johnson Interviews Jessica Rangel About Immigration and Economic Justice

This Interview was conducted as part of a class assignment for SOWK 732 Migration, Human Rights, and Social Justice, a graduate level social work course at Loyola University Chicago. The Interview mainly focuses on immigration and economic justice from the...