My Mom’s story

My mom’s story of migrating to the United States from Mexico and explaining the difference between the two and how our lives were growing up without a dad.

How a asset helped me through a challenge

I summarize my challenges working at mcdonalds and how grit helps me

Should fast food companies be responsible for obesity or one’s health?

We talked about businesses being responsible for what we eat and how people can be responsible themselves too.

World hist oral project

I learned that there were a lot less restrictions in the past and no one really cared that much

R. John Bache Family History

In this interview John Bache reflects on his parents’ immigration story and the foundation of his family, his childhood in Los Angeles, his professional life, the influence of others, and the impact he has had on others.

An interview with Rosemarie graham

I interviewed my mother, Rosemarie Graham (36) today, November 26th in my living room in sparks Nevada. My mom told me stories about what school years she liked, and what made it fun. We talked about her jobs, which ones...