Storycorps interview

This interview is with my mom who came to America for a better life. She enjoys cooking.


Interview with my dad. Thanksgiving 2017

Immigration and Migration Interview

We started talking out about my stepmom’s life in Canada when she was younger and when she came here to the U.S.


Life changes between Taiwan and missouri

My father growing up
December 5, 2017 App Interview

My father grew up in the 60s. He went through a journey from a child to an adult

Mother and Son

I learned about my mother’s childhood more.Also that her home town like planting Christmas trees.

Fireflies by Purich Viwatkurkul

Fifi, a 7 year old girl; energetic and witty like no-one else bestows a journey where sacrifices are made and new chapters begin.

Uncle Marty

We talked about the questions I asked